Please Close, Messed Up!


Close thread, will sort the issues and report!


In the first few you click through the animations. In the ones that were super slow, you let the animations and wave cleared screen play through


Beat me to it! Looks like that to me as well.


yes, sorry, I fucked that up, will redo that team next time out!
Aswell as one mira and one abe!


Yeah like you was already told in your comments on your video the whole thing wasn’t done properly with you not pressing the screen to skip the animations and the mid scene where you are flipping to the next stage of walkers


Well I guess cut scenes don’t matter since they were all done the same way, but certainly this would after rush VS non rush teams.


Yeah but on some of his test with some of the different teams he just let the cut scene run without pressing the screen to skip them so that is Why some were much slower.


yes yes lol, ill redoe this next war and make sure I do the same on each test!


Yeah fair.

Power splash weapons should also be considered. They can carve out several at once reducing total turn count


You mean close this thread?


Either way great work Justabox. Always enjoy your stuff though we never seem to meet in war


Ok, well, closing this for now – thanks! @Justabox