Please change things so its fun to war

How is 8 region war with awful prizes giving us players reason to blow an hour of time per war along with the coin/can values that go with them? You’re going down the road you were before the year started, BOOOO this company, BOOOOOO.

Also, again allowing VK cheats to run rampant isn’t helping matters either. Please put a end to it. IP bans = clean game.

Ridiculous that war rewards are just fodder tokens. Still can’t get gear for 6*. This is becoming a boring chore to log in every day


Agreed, 100k and done. Rewards are not worth the time, effort and money required to win. Seems scopely thinks that bunching more regions together for crw will be a bigger money maker when in fact it just pushes players away. Regular war is so much more fun these days.

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For sure. CRW has potential to be a great time though, its just sad they just muck it up with poop rewards. I mean even the 100k milestone isn’t all that great, and im out of DT/PK. Used to be fun staying up later to war or waking up early if it helped in faction slow times. Now without much to war for its just a chore, top factions are so entrenched it’s not even really fun to war for pride anymore either:(

I second this. War is the last thing keeping the game fun and even that is becoming a drag. There is really very little incentive these days to keep playing once the milestones are hit other than to help out the team.