Please change Joshua for the next 2 level ups



Please can the rewards for the next 2 Solo level ups be changed from Joshua to a newer decent character.

Having shane and other mostly free characters as rewards doesnt inspire anyone to compete, who there thinks this a good reward for peoples time.

Please put the person in charge of creating OP prems as the person that decides the level up rewards


doesnt inspire anyone to compete

Then dont compete

Take this opportunity to prepare for next week’s level up, or better yet, the faction level up thats on this weekend.


Well it’s already confirmed he’s the toon reward for the next level up which starts after the current one ends


i havent competed for the last 2 to 3 weeks cos they have been crap lol

i have so much to level up its unreal, wanta decent reward though not something you can get through ascendance


i know it sucks, running shane for level up as well was bad as he was availebale from a collection at the time


lol we are having people in top 3 who are asking in global and group chat for someone to bump them from top 3 if they want the reward but no takers


I have to agree with the OP on this as i have been saving for a while now because the toons on offer have been garbage. Joshua? Really?
Come on scopes if your gunna give us constant level ups then make them worth playing for.


Next week they will put an op toon… Can you score 25-30m? No. Then come here cry that whales destroy region.


Whales cant score that either :stuck_out_tongue: most of them that i know are 2 impatient and have to level up a new toon as soon as they pull one


I wouldnt bet on it


Repeating the toon for 3 straight level ups just shows how there are TOOOOO MANY LEVEL UPS! Snooze fest.


That gives the possibility for 9 different people to get reward. No need to push hard when others are pushing


As karl says, it gives 9 people the chance of a gauranteed reward so 3 in a row is not that bad, if the toon is good. That is the main thing.

for one set of level ups if the reward is bad you can think yeah ill skip it, but when the toon is bad for like 9 weeks in a row it sucks


I stopped looking at the prizes for level up months ago. Milestones are the only good thing now.


It sucks and I agree too. A toon that’s available from ascendance should never be in there. He was in other wheels to. There are so many older ascendables that can be put in there.


on the last episode of the walking dead they shouldput either clem or violet or louis or marlon as a last reward but you get one because they are all in crates


The point is they don’t have enough toons to give us for every level up. That’s why they have to repeat prizes. They would have already gone through the ascendance tower if they weren’t repeating. They. We’d to pump out more toons.


Are you saying all the 5* and 6* toons in your whole roster are leveled? That’s quite an accomplishment.


Why are people so concerned with receiving crap rewards for one of the least engaging tournaments (if you can call it a tournament anymore) there is? Level your characters and cash in the milestones and maybe some trainers depending on placement. You don’t have to get top 3.


becuase from my point of view my account is one of the unlucky ones that never pulls prems. A level up im in control and can go for the toon i want