Please change daily road maps to weekly

The repetitive account maintenance is boring. Please chance the s class and gold road maps to weekly, it’s boring! Just times values by 7…


Scopely changes them to weekly, increases energy cost by 7 times, stays as 30 collectables. They are like a genie, be very accurate in what you wish for.


To be quite honest I’m almost certainly quitting after woc. The game is no longer is a chore to play and no longer enjoyable, im one of the mugs that have spent £££ I don’t see point anymore when they clearly don’t give a fuck anymore. Govs post sumed it up nicely, and zero response.


Unless it changed to a weekly roadmap that costs 7x the energy (or less but we know Scopely aren’t that nice) and gives 7x the rewards I’d rather keep doing them daily.

Otherwise as Clifton said they’d just do something stupid like put the roadmap up once a week for 30 collectibles/5 gold bars and we’d miss out.

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I’ve stop doing them as I’ve lost interest in the game as well as working full time, totalling up my spend £30k over past couple of years and still just get the copied and pasted responses why trying to contact support to resolve issues. I will miss the people but scopley have killed this game.


If you’re quitting, stop coming up with suggestions. Just quit.

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