Please cap the number of times you can coin repair during war


CRW is here. That means that you get out of your comfort zone and fight regions that play differently from your own, with different team compositions (still obviously variations of mira or carl but that’s another story) and different tactics. One thing is consistent, though, and that is whoever coin repairs with the highest intensity can buy a war. In our 3-way (Miller, Putnam, Berrien) the top faction has gone 96 and 0. Do they have godlike premium toons? Do they have incredible luck in the armory? No, they just coin repeatedly in individual wars versus anyone vaguely competitive.

My proposal is: cap the number of times any individual can coin repair. I suggest something like 3 times would be within reason. I am of course salty because we just got out of a war with those guys, but generals being able to coin 6 times is absolutely absurd, and makes a mockery of any kind of genuine competitiveness that we still have (and I do believe that war can still be competitive in its current format). Does anyone have a really compelling counterargument?


But how would the top factions exert their superiority? Thanks to the restrictive 6★ meta, the only thing distinguishing anyone from anyone else is their pig-headed insta repairing


Plus weapons, activity, and team design…


Eh, I tried The Great WAR Rebalance

But no one wants anything different since the current setup works so very well. :zipper_mouth_face:


Of course there is an argument… money. You really think that Scopely is going to restrict its ability to make money? The people who want to change 100 bucks for like 7 cans and a bendict? You have a better chance of Trump making Hilary his secretary of defense.


I refuse to coin war. I’ll do it once maybe twice. But when factions start coining 4/5/6 times is just stupid. Is 5* Vernon worth your money? And you’re just giving Scopley what they want. They must be laughing when they see the money spent on these crapy rewards.


Remember, Spock is always correct!

Saavik: What happens if Reliant fails to follow us into the nebula?
Spock: I think we can guarantee she’ll follow us, Lieutenant. Remind me to explain to you the concept of the human ego.


The practice of coining to win is precisely aligned with Scopely’s stated desire to focus on the 1-2% of players who will essentially buy everything. This hyper-marginalized segment of the player base will continue to sustain Scopely’s model, to the detriment of both the game and everyone else playing it.


Hit the retreat button as soon as it’s available if u think the battle is wasting time and resources is about the only work around besides dropping defenses to make it quicker. Take the loss move on.


yeah that would be great!!





The coining is out of hand. I don’t mind a couple repairs, especially strategically used. But 6, 7, 8 times… I’m tired of killing you over and over and over. It’s insane in CRW and for no good reason. Was there a substantial prize to fight for? No. Was it worth it? No. But every CRW is the same - coin to win.
Theres no skill, strategy or “play” in it. It just makes me want to quit now that war is just dropping coins in the machine. It’s painful being stuck in a match with people who continually coin down to the last minute just to get a win.


My faction is 2nd/3rd place on our region. We lose to guys who buy the premium teams and coin a bit but not obsessively. There’s no way of getting good against spamming the coin repair button.


We all have the same teams right now. There’s no difference between any of us. Maybe that’s why people feel the need to do it. Agreed though, you don’t get good spamming the coin repair button. If we all had to choose when to do it and had to use them wisely, it would be more of a strategy play. Which is what it used to be… way back when ppl fought wars with teams, not coins. It’s just removed the fight from the game.




While I may agree…this will never change.

There things that won’t cost a Scopley money to change that does not…it takes along time.

This wouldlose Scopley money so…

Never going to happen.




True. It’s unlikely to ever happen cuz they are laughing all the way to the bank every CRW. It was a good idea and really nice change for many regions. Unfortunately it just turned into the most ridiculous coin wars without any skill involved. I’m not pointing fingers at just those we are matched with this time, it’s every time. And every region. And it’s disappointing.


-1. No!


It’s not about things not going my way this war. My region hasn’t yet won a CRW (which, for the record, i’m ok with). We came up against Warren in a previous CRW and Empire absolutely fucking tore through everyone, but they didn’t do it with size of coin purse, they did it with big swinging dicks and great weapons/teams. Our number 1 faction coins more than any other in our region, but also has better toons and weapons to maintain supremacy there as well.