Please, cancel CRW!

2 CRWs in the december is boring!

In the last CRW, my faction has got 1st place and I’ve made +700k points. I opened the tokens and… SUPRISE!!! Siddiq 6* :rage:

A lot of time in the trash. A lot o factions don’t get good rewards.

AOW is better for all players. Small factions can get good rewards in AOW. The same is not happen in CRW.


AOW is not better for all players. AND it is unhealthy for regions in general.


They get better rewards but the rewards are shit in general for AOW. I agree CRW needs better scaling of rewards considering 8 regions are fighting it out… but in no way do I prefer AOW to a CRW


How is crw boring aside from the lackluster rewards?


In the last AOW, 1st place has got 100 lucky tokens…3rd = 50 tokens. How many tokens this 3rd place faction of AOW have got in last CRW?

Aow 15 min wait time to play top 2 rank teams over and over again. Lose over and over again. Crw. 1min-2min wait. Play maybe the top 10 teams 20 Times our of 80. Crw easy to hit milestones as play teams of all levels since more variety. Aow struggle as you play the same whale faction 50 times that has maxed weapons mods and cookie cutter build. THe only people who want aow are top 3 rank factions as they have it easy. Guess what life is not easy enjoy the competitive nature and


I like both but crw i definitely funnier and plus i like pushing for high scores.


Crw is so much better than aow


But 1 CRW per month is enough

I’m in a top 3 faction and prefer CRW over AOW. I actually think it’s the casually playing (f2p) players who tend to prefer AOW cuz of the better reward structure and supposedly more fair matchups…


If they give the same milestone rewards they did last Crw I be happy to do it every week. The first war via aow or Crw I was able to t4 two toons. I have 14 6s toons sitting at t3

How can you possibly think CRW is boring??

AoW: Fighting the same 5-6 factions every time. Placement is usually the same for every war.
CRW: New opponents almost every single time. You get to meet new people and new factions you’ve never faced before. Actual competition for placement.


Look, there is a correct statement on both sides.

AOW is still fun, i dont know why this isnt the case for some people, yes if your region is dead its time to move, if you cant move then thats a shit show and scopely should sort it out but if you can move then its time to move, thats on you

i think moving forward CRW should look at rebuilding rewards for ALL teams


if lets say my #1 ranked team gets first we get top prizes but if my regions #2 faction gets 12th then they get really bad rewards compared to the top shelf teams. it gets much worse for #3rd ranked faction.

the point is there is a 8 region war, each region has a #1 ranked team, thats 8 no.1s 2nd place teams has to try and beat.

the unfairness can be made a little bit better … how about a CRW with AOW end rank rewards

So @JB.Scopely do you think moving forward where we have region season leagues a cross region war can actually rank individual regions so…

Cross Region War ranks

  1. killaz - region A
  2. mortals - region c
    3 … etc etc
  3. survivors - Region A

so then Region A makes a region only reward and 9th ranked in Region A then gets 2nd place in their region respectfully

This could work on applying more wheel tokens for teams rather than them getting 90/100 at the end and missing a free pull etc


damn how many regions you fighting? my crw is the same 6 teams every time

Thats just unlucky. Ours is different every time. We match the same region every now and then but its never exactly the same.


The only complaint for CRW is prizes for factions outside of the top 10. The reward drop off is pretty steep and its hardly worth fighting if you’re down in 20th


2 TIMES in the same month is boring. Please, read again

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Guess it’s ur perspective. As you can see most of us don’t think Crw is boring. Most people just don’t like rewards and most people think the other region cheats or hacks as they are used to winning aow and come in 6th or 8th in crw and there ego was crushed. So that why most whales prefer aow.

I prefer CRW as an event, but I prefer AOW rewards as long as they keep up with these token wheels. A #2 faction in AOW got 75 victory tokens. Same faction in CRW working 7 times harder, against 7 other regions #1s and #2s, were rewarded with 20 victory tokens… How does that make sense to anyone?


*TWO TIMES in the same month.

ONE time is very cool! TWO TIMES not!

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