Please can we reset mods


I realise that cost to remove mods is here to stay but can we please have the option to reset mods?

I have been waiting for a Defense on Defense Gold Mod, finally hit the jackpot today and then get crushed when leveling it up… @JB.Scopely can we please raise with the team the option to reset mods much like we have with weapons?


There will never be a reset because the mod’s final stats are baked right into it as soon as you get it even before you open the box. Including when and how many times it will fail.


Based on what knowledge/info?


When they were released people were getting identical mods with identical stats in their separate regions. Would indicate it’s a preloaded item.


Yeah, but the purpose of a reset is to get different results. What information would indicate that resetting a mod would get the same results? It’s like saying players who keep resetting the same weapons would still be getting the same special stat, which isn’t true since reset weapons can get different special stats.


Likely because one is randomized, and the other isn’t.


Uh they’re both randomized? You can’t 100% confirm which special stat you’ll get when putting a weapon in the armory, similar to how you can’t 100% confirm how much bonuses you’ll get at the level 5, 10, and 15 parts of a mod.


The vk guy told me so lol


You’re modifying part of the weapon for a random effect. For mods the stat “rolls” are made when the item hits your inventory, before you have even upgraded. It seems a like comparison that you’re making, but the way it’s done in game plays out differently. I agree with you that’s how it -should- be. Just explaining that the way it’s coded currently is probably an issue.


I understand what you’re saying. However, since we don’t have the reset option for mods, it’s impossible to know that the reset option won’t change the “inherent” stat rolls when the item hits the inventory.

That’s largely why airplane mode worked. Players could see what they would get if they had done the upgrade. It isn’t only until after you reset the weapon then would another outcome appear.


It’s not impossible to know… Scopely has said that’s how it’s coded. I’m not gonna go looking for the exact post but they already answered someone asking for it when mods 1st went live. Resetting would do absolutely nothing.


Went through multiple posts, including the first feedback thread regarding mods. Nothing was mentioned that resetting would do absolutely nothing.

Closest I’ve seen is players claiming that mod boxes are predetermined, which is not surprising because of how airplane mode worked, but at the same time, predetermined boxes is completely different from resetable boxes, similar to how predetermined weapon stats don’t matter once you reset the weapon. (In fact, it isnt even really “predetermined” if you think about it.)


While we know of this suggestion, and appreciate you passing it on, I just want to emphasise that Combat Mods are not Weapons.

That is why the way they are designed differs. I think it is highly unlikely we’ll allow to reset mods for the foreseeable future.
The turnaround, in my opinion, is to acquire other mods in the long run, while filtering / selling those you do not want.

Or even, keep and equip those lower value mods, as you progress, to your alternate teams.


Mod bonuses currently are part of the mod when they are received before leveling them up.

Obviously the OP would be asking that the bonuses be reshuffled if the mod is allowed to be sent back to level 1


…then you didn’t hit the jackpot.

On top of getting the type of mod you want, you have to also pray RNGeesus give you a high-quality mod (with good bonus stats).

Scopely wants you to keep buying more gold mods in hopes of a defense one that is also good.

Good luck. Keep spendi–err, survivin


Ha, in other words… we don’t want to reset mods so whales don’t stop buying them.


The problem with this, is that in the long run we gain more characters which mean we need more mods. Selling mods of high value is ludicrous because you stifle the process of removing mods from old toons and putting them on new ones.

Appreciate the design differs, which I think is what Verdi was getting at. But if you want us to be happy wasting tens of thousands of scrap levelling a gold mod, only to discard it if goes sour, there needs to be a vast increase the supply of both mods and scrap (i.e. removal /increase of current caps).


I do appreciate that input.

To feed in the debate, that is also why we ran the Free Removal event last week. Ideally, it’ll be back at a later stage too.

Meanwhile, in parallel, we are always looking at both game metrics and community sentiment to make other relevant adjustments.


Just remove the cost of removing the mods permanently. I did remove and shuffle my mods during the free removal event, but I would probably do that more if it was a permanent feature. Right now I will not buy mods because of the scrap costs to both level and remove. You may want to check with the player base to see who else shares this sentiment.


That was nice for sure but there really wasn’t any notice for it in game. A week notice in game would have been appreciated so we all could have prepared for it.

The truth is you need to explain to the bosses that having a cost to remove the mods does nothing but stifle team diversity and experimentation as it costs far too much to move them around freely for testing. We get like 13k a day so it would take almost 2 weeks to have enough scrap to swap them around with toons that also already have mods equipped. Even longer if it makes your team worse too because you then need more scraps to swap back. Not a great system in my opinion.