Please Can We Have A Farmable UR Gear


Please anybody? I need 10 NVG, 2 Scopes & 8 Long Coats… can’t ascend till I have them. This new gear map isn’t cutting it :sob: especially as we also have those death markers and other things going on…


Second this. There is no reason to keep all the gear behind paywalls especially for 5 star toons. Sure now we can get enough beanies, flaks, walkies, and bags but it takes forever to get 6 scopes. I doubt the new map has increased sales in your gear offers. Mostly because of just how expensive you price them. If everything you need to t4 a 5 star was 5 bucks you could probably sell it for someone who is in need but for a few random parts at 25 bucks is insane. Since you made level ups the de facto event in the game now at some point everyone is gonna be out of the gear needed to compete in them. You will not see a mad rush for people to buy the gear offers. You wiil see a mad rush of people quitting the game though out of frustration and boredom.


Yep, I’m held back now. Have 6* Wyatt Stuck at T2,
5* Joshua is gonna be stuck as soon as he’s ascended ( level 72 T4 ) same with Gator at release ( maxed ). Pulled ascendable Sandy this morning, low and behold she is now stuck at T3 during a level Up, which I would have liked to abe for the pk and tape milestone, level 118 with no pk and tape. Lol. Gear Blocked :fearful:


they probably want to milk this :confused: …because most people refuse to spend these days


no, that is impossible right now, but keep stay calm,smile and chill :slight_smile:


And people will continue not to spend if they are stuck. In order to keep people happy we need to feel like we are growing. That we are getting closer to our goals little by little. Once we become stuck in a rut we cease to be happy and that leads to all the quitting and complaining. Yes this is a business for them but they need to figure out a better way to make money besides by locking basic gear behind paywalls. Especially after we had the ability to farm this gear not too long ago. If we can’t t4 our useless 5 stars how can we compete in the endless level ups? We can’t so we will stop trying and then we will stop playing. I see this everyday in my faction and its sad. There is still time to fix this scopes.


I completely agree with you


I just pulled shiva but have quite a few hunters. Need to get nvg but i’m patient. :slight_smile:


@kalishane please just say yes or no




Agreed. These Un-Farmable UR maps are the opposite of useful. It’s a massive waste of E just to get through them, let alone get enough of the gear you actually need.

Fingers Crossed


Don’t forget you have to unlock the one before it just to get that 1 piece of gear. Then repeat this daily. And don’t forget about the NEVER ENDING LVL UPS…


Scopely does not care. I made 3 posts about it. They never reply. I quit this shit game already run by a shit company but i check to see if things have changed…i see things never change they only get worse.


Yep the daily gear maps are useful if you just need the 1 bit of gear, but not having the farmable one is killing us, like you say especially with the sheer volume of level ups. I’m at the point nowall my 5* are either T4, or te ones I’ve been working on are gear locked. No point in ascending as it will be the same issue. Any chance of maybe getting one after war @kalishane ? :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Honestly, I dont even care about bags and walkies being farmable anymore. Have more bags and walkies than I need. I am completely out of other gear as all these level ups just drains me. Dont even get enough gear to upgrade one 5 star to T4 a week. It is a joke


Same here. It’s the likes of NVG, long coats & Scopes… really disheartening like you say, to not be able to compete because you can’t upgrade toons.