Please bring back Turkey Map

Please please please being the Turkey Map back!!! @JB.Scopely

Nope. ToS states they can do what ever they want. We all are screwed


It’s the weekend. JB won’t be back until Monday.

The maps ended exactly when they said they would end.


But you selling turkey tokens the day before, and museum has 20 hours left. What a ripoff. You disgust me scopley. And you can get the turkey still in the museum. For what? When are you all actually start thinking?


Right​:joy::joy::joy: uhhhh hello

Pretty much this they are the macrons of the mobile gaming world.

Ok jb est en week end mais nous en France on a eu ce message donc on doit en conclure quoi ceux qui on réponse à tout ? Ça fini le 09 ? Le 10 ? Le 11 ? En tous cas chez moi nous sommes le 09 et il n est pas encore 00h00

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