Please bring back blitz war! Poll

  • Yes I want more blitz wars
  • No I do not want blitz wars

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What about some more faction onslaught? :smirk:




@JB.Scopely come on you guys listened to polls before.

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Blitz war with a European-friendly start time for a change pls :slight_smile:

The smirk means I’m being sarcastic. Yawnslaught is turrible.


Oh, we know.
People get confused if given the chance… It’s a wire I don’t anyone to get crossed… Particularly the powers that be that glance at the forums

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Nah they never listen to us. They only look to make sure no one is saying anything too terrible about them and then the ones that do go poof.

Mid week blitz, so those of us who work weekends, can get our war on !!

Remember that time someone said they’d pay for a character… It was like the next day they were in the store

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Okay, maybe I should have been more specific. Anything that would help the players without direct profit is summarily ignored.



:point_up::point_up: :smiley:

Yes i want blitz this game is boring now without war!

What about a new type of event altogether??

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Like? What

Bumpity bump

Yeah @JB.Scopely yall listen about changing 6 vs 6 to 8 vs 8 one war. So listen to the blitz war poll. Scratch out one of your daily lvl ups for your still best event of the game war.

Yes! 6 person ques are a blessing for the night shift. Keeps things moving beautifully.


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