Please Ascend Caroline


I actually enjoy using her on my teams because she fully heals three teammates. Works good on SR and farming, so please can we get a 6* Caroline?


Please ascend ANYONE.


Yeah… What this guy said.


Her rush would actually get worse though, just look at the red Eugene, he went from curing everything, to only curing like taunt and confuse.


We will ascend… someone.


No one said promo…


Shane, these are the type of posts that end up aggravating everyone on here. I understand that you don’t want to provide details since they are subject to change, but your post is so lacking in detail, it just leads to so many questions (who? when? Are they on the previously released list? If it’s someone i don’t have, are there ways to get them? Why couldn’t you just release this toon as am event reward? Etc.)

I hope you can see the problems with this kind of communication. People share their frustration and their desire for something to change for the better, and you reply with a vague response that appears to tell them scopely will be providing them with the thing they want or at least something close to what they want.

Now, if an old toon doesn’t become ascendable in a reasonable amount of time, people will call you out on this post. You will then either say it wasn’t possible, or it’s coming but you don’t know when, or some other response that feels like a cop out to everyone that was invested in your apparent promise to deliver.

Then people will repeatedly post a screenshot of this post. It will breed negativity in the forum and you will think the people on the forum are just seeing the negative side of things. Then when you say as much, people will get more upset and it turns into a vicious cycle of negativity and frustration on both sides.


I actually laughed out loud that you asked this on a serious Level. We can’t even get toons with completed cards to be released.


can’t even get characters who were premiere only, $300+ purchases to be ascendable 6 months in… what makes you think they are in any kind of rush to do this?


Error 494.


Love the tease!


Geez op, calm down lol. It’s just a thread :joy:


I’ll calm down, but remember he started the crap talking, not me. :joy:


Do you have any further information on this? Just curious if this is confirmed or if you are referring to the goal of ascending more characters in 2018?


It was just a suggestion, so Idk what $camley has in store for us.