I have asked, pleaded and cried about this for as long as the depot has been created.

There should ALWAYS be Refill cans in the depot store

I don’t see why a 3* or 4* (heck) even 5* take up that space. its gotten to the point now where even weapons are taken out of the depot

Either/Or please add each refill in the league store to purchase or have the depot run refills EVERY REFRESH

I am literally Paying to Play your game AND you are putting the blocks up for me

PS. I have already finished the Raid milestones, this is more on point with world cans etc

PPS. I understand about the bags in the shop or offers, it is cheaper and at most times i do get these too, its just at the price of the depot refresh and the use of depot tokens (100 for a refill / 130 points to sell a 3*) it always works out cheaper to buy in the store

BUT you dont have my account, i can buy 10 x loads of those bags and get 1 refill 9/10 times … rage quit anyone


Couldn’t agree more!

I directly asked GR for that, yesterday in some other topic, or at least some roadmaps that can drop more cans.
I’m literally running on fumes… Yesterday, to be sure I get promoted from my League, I had to buy some useless toons to complete 2 museum collections that gave me 9 raid cans, and then also used close to 1k coins to keep refilling and pushing. That’s just because I hit all the milestones in the last several months in raids and the drops isn’t just cutting it. Same with wars… Last CRW I ended up using 10-15 cans per war, at times, and only got 3 or 4 max drops per war.
Guess what GR’s response was?! NONE! He ignored my comment completely…

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I just sent a message begging for them to put up the legendary medals offer as I always need them and currently am at a standstill with 7 or so ascendance worthy toons and only 200 medals :expressionless: I feel like the “Shut up and take my money” Frye meme, but it’s an offer that I always bought since they put it up. I just wanna do hoodrat things with my frans is all. And if yall are gonna preach about me not being behind #pu because I’m willing to spend, justifiably I need those medals to close the gap.

I’m currently sitting on 2.5k medals with 10 or so ascendable characters, but none worth the 300 medals and the Bennies.
So I guess I’ll keep pilling them up. :slight_smile:

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I believe updating the depots was one of their promises they made to the PU movement so hopefully this will be addressed and three star toons and weapons will be completely removed.

Ricky, I’ve been following the forum and your post in these last weeks, but I’m still baffled about your optimistic nature. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I think they’ll keep their promise about updating the depot… with other useless stuff. I just don’t believe in change anymore. Not when it comes to Scopely. :slight_smile:

I am running on fumes as well, this game is not that much fun, honestly only still here to see if scopely shuts down the PU movement and gives us all a rear job with no lube or changes. My money is on the first


I’m currently at work and can’t modify it, but please, feel free to replace the “Dear life” with “Scopely”.

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Oh I’ve made my stance pretty clear. They have no intention on closing the gap or stopping S class or weekly promos… but yes, the minor changes to the games listed in the promises post will be addressed. And this is one of them. Not sure if it’s weekly cans but the depot was one of the issues.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. If I were to be optimistic, I wouldn’t even dream about them closing the gap…
But at least give us F2P players something to work with. For every 3 or 4 promos released, they could also release a legacy. But not like Romanov, Jackson and such…
As for the depot, I have a feeling the useless cr4p present right now will be replaced with some other useless cr4p. Hope I’m wrong…

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