Please allow 6*s to be used on any roadmap


Here we go again. 6’s were made in order to help your squad become better, but you can’t take advantage of that if they’re restricted from being used on roadmaps. I can’t even use them on gear roadmaps which doesn’t make since. Soon everyone will have 6*'s, but what’s the purpose of using them if we can’t use them on roadmap? The 5* era is over, so please @Khalishane take this to the team, and also can you tell them to release ultra and Legendary gear maps too? Thanks :blush:


I ascended my yellow negan to 6*. Cant use him on roadmap.
I ascended yellow barker… cant use him on roadmap.
I ascended shiva. Cant use her on walker stages.

Thats 3 solid toons ive lost the ability to use on roadmaps, sure i have others… but thats completely irrelevant, as are the 6*s if you cant use them in every aspect of the game.

Here, buy this 6* BUT you can only use them in raids and wars…

@kalishane WILL we be able to use 6*s in this new november event???


Gear roadmaps are too easy to use 6*.
I think it could be interesting to allow 6* for Ultra and Leg roadmaps only.


Its not a question of if they are difficult or not (they’re not). Its we have the toons we should be able to use them.

The roadmaps were built long before 6*s came out. They should be changed to be the new model.

What is a leg roadmap?? Will we ever see it??


It makes no sense that we can use them on this new roadmap for dwight parts… but cant use them on elite gear or the dailys etc.


It shouldn’t matter if it’s too easy or not for a 6*. Restricting toons from roadmaps just takes the fun away from enjoying them. What if I only had ascended toons? How would I be able to get gear if they’re restricted is the point I’m saying.


1* todd with tree branches x5. Takes out any team.


Lol, so you agree and chime in on the thread, but now trying to troll? Seems a bit bipolar to me. Lmao


That wasnt a troll as much of a lol moment.


i don’t think you just have acended toons… but ok, I understand your pow.
Leg roadmap could be for T4 6* gears (canteen, gps, hockey mask, …). I don’t know the name nor when it will be released. It’s like school bags and talkies, very rare at beginning.


Well I didn’t know that. Idk it’s 4am and I’m half sleep. Haha


I understand


Damn 4am. Id be a zombie by now…

@Asgard i knew what the gear map was lol. I’m just hesitant to believe one has or is being made…


Just believe in yourself and never insult the future :grin:


yeah this is some bullshit. I love using 6* Tyreese and Zeke on human stages to get through them quicker and now they cant be used. WTF


Agreed. This is some straight up bs.


I’ve been using 5 stars, using a critical toon and a revive toon should be a breeze to clear these, next people will be like “why is there road maps? I want gear handed to me.”


You misunderstand my point sir. I’m not saying I need 6*s to beat the roadmap. I’m saying I would just like to enjoy using them on my team because it’s what I payed or worked my butt off to earn. Someone said this to me on the old firum, and you’re getting the same answer. No toon should be restricted on any map or stage, so come on get with the subject man.


Ps. Gear handed? Nobody stated we need gear handed to us here. You’re on the wrong thread if you think that’s what we’re talking about.


You might as well want it handed to you, these maps are easy, get your panties out of a bunch and earn it like everyone else, last time I checked I was on the subject of you wanting 6 stars on these maps, that would make things too easy, to the point of them handing you the gear. Lol you get it yet? I can’t paint a clearer picture for you.