Please Address Ultra Rare Roadmaps before releasing more & MORE Level ups

Scopely… This is beyond a joke now, not only are you bringing level ups out almost every day in the game … you are also bringing out milestones on most of them to engage in events for the faction (which i agree is a great thing)


The Ultimate Gear Roadmap just DOESN’T work. its decent for a pass the time kind of daily map but players are screaming out for Ultra rare roadmap’s that are FARMABLE

you could argue that it is farmable with the bags but they are possibly 1/8 attempts at 16 energy each time and with a possibility of 2 bags with 6-8 items in either one … meaning the possibility of getting the one you want very low

I propose the Absolute Best option in this circumstance is to have the daily (weekday) ultimate roadmap as usual for the casual players then release the ultra roadmap (farmable) on the weekends.

I say this as with most players who engage in ALL of your events, gear/food/resources all deplete with time and this only pushes non activity further.

for an example, the new rick, although goggles were in the stash, this only gives one tier of upgrades. generally you need 12+ of the night vision goggles. With The Governor coming out as well and being a hunter it also uses the same gears … using the daily roadmap will only give 5 goggles throughout the week, the 6th could possibly be obtained within the gear depot but with so many level ups, waiting 5 days means you would literally miss … FIVE level ups the way its going.

Give the players the right to FARM their gears, their way.

Thank you


Absolutely agree! The RTS streets need this! With the existing lightweight embargo on t3/t4 6* gear still in effect, there is little reason that ultra rare gear should be of a similar scarcity!


Ugh… legendary gear maps???


I am in desperate need of ultra rare gear maps that are farmable. Receiving 4 pieces of gear a week, and random pieces of gear in some milestones is not enough by far. I would love to see the legendary gear maps that we were promised as well. @kalishane


Sidenote: for the ultimate gear map, does your region get it 5 days a week? I only get it 4 days. Monday-Tuesday, Tuesday - Wednesday, Wednesday - Thursday, and Thursday - Friday. So only able to obtain 4 pieces of each gear a week. Are some people getting 5??

I would say just give it up already! If you do the Ultimate Gear roadmap everyday then you should be sitting pretty. I don’t know your situation but I have enough gear to T3 and T4 20 toons. You are giving them unnecessary heat, that is just my opinion. I am at player level 125, I have 81 world energy, I can complete Ultra rare gear and elite rare gear before the timer resets with a lot of time to spare that I could even do rare gear if I wanted to. Like I said, I don’t know your situation but to me this isn’t really a big deal if you just do the ultimate gear roadmap everyday Mon-Thu. Also, this map is from Mon-Thu so at least we know that, instead of the way it used to be when ultimate gear roadmap was rare and we never knew when it was scheduled to be released. Sorry if you disagree with me, but do so in a polite manner. Thank you.

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4 times is it, it doesn’t reset on Friday, it goes away. Monday it comes back. So just 4 times.

The new gear system is bad. The rare items ( flak/beanie and walkie/ schoolbag ) are now the easiest to come by while night vision googles or the other equal gear is now the hard stuff to get. The old way was much better

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I disagree. I have done the ultimate gear map everyday since it has come out and out of my ultra rare gear, I have less than 6 pieces for most traits. I compete in most level ups between 500k-1.25m. Only did 2m twice. At this point, I will have to sit out of level up events, which kinda defeats the purpose of playing this game if you can’t compete in tournaments.

I can agree with you on that, but I just do the gear map everyday. I’m not in a hurry to tier any toons because doing the geap map daily has gotten me enough to take it easy, and all the toons that I use the most are already T4. I don’t know what everyone else is doing differently than me, but I have no complaints about the ultimate gear map, at least not yet.


It’s so obviously a money grabbing scheme at this point. In the last two weeks there have been two parts weapons maps… you listen to those requests but ignore our request for a farmable gear map? Because you want to keep sucking money out of the whales who will actually buy these horrible offers and stashes. It’s awful. Every friggin toon is a hunter. I don’t know how ANYONE can have any hunter items left. Nobody in a top five faction has any of that gear left.


How would you know?

I actually have more walkie talkies than night vision goggles. The lack of gear and the constant need to level for the tokens is brutal right now.

My faction has tons of it, even with two shivas I have extra gear to spare

I only have 8 5* hunters, 2 of them are dupes. I think I have more peacekeepers than anything, then maybe leaders 2nd most and soldiers 3rd most. I have 34 police shields and 17 weathered journals; peacekeeper gear. I have 59 5* and 4 6*, I’m not really hurting on gear myself so that is where I wonder what are people doing differently than me? Maybe they have more toons they don’t want to give up or they are putting 4* toons into T4? Well, since I don’t have a problem with gear right now, I’ll step back and just let everyone else talk about this without me butting in.