When are you planning on fixing the raid glitch? Is very difficult to decipher how a team is defending if you can’t see the damage it does to opponents. Please fix this! It’s been months!

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Your faction mates can duel you and screen record it. I think that’s more valuable than seeing if someone lost a toon or two raiding you. Many people use auto to raid, and i typically don’t leave my war defense up for people outside of my faction to practice on. I hope this helps. Also, I don’t think that was a raid bug but I am not sure, too many to keep track.

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Since ■■■■■■■ is banned…

Obtain skills.


It really is godly annoying. I’d like to see how my def is defending when the only thing they know is my leader not my whole team.

Oooh! Insulting strangers. Love all the maturity this game provides.

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