Please Add Ability to Reset Toons

Many times I have wished that I could reset a toon. Whether it was a 5* shield back in the day to build with 0/10 ap to avoid the rush going on off or nowadays to redo a 6* to without leveling a useless Active Skill to try and avoid a wasted turn. Please Scopely add the capability to return a toon to tier 1 of its native form. I would even be willing to pay a price of coin or something.

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I can only imagine a “reset your toon for 600 coins!!” Pop up every time i go to raid… and then accidentally resetting. T4 6*… out all the coins and gear… kill my selff… lol


And newsflash bro @Elliot_Keyes the earth is flat.

Leveling them earns renown so would those same characters who were reset be able to earn renown again? Also would gear have to be used again to tier them up? Gear is a little hard to come by right now (especially the mid level gears).

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That’s a horrible idea

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I’d say ok to reset as long as it couldn’t be used in tournies etc

Instead they should add unique points to make characters different from one another. After you max a toon, allow say 100 extra stat points to be added in any stat you want, to make battles slightly different.

If you want a stronger shiva, 100 points in attack, tanky 100 in def, or balanced and 33 stat points in each stat.

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I’d only reset a toon if I got all the assests used back.

That’s what weapons are for. Everyone’s just going to capitalize on the same stats as they would with weapons anyway.

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That‘s a nightmare.


Defiantly a cool idea but let’s fix what we have before we get creative

Should get the gear back. In another game i played this option was available but could only be used once every 7 days. It just cost a little coin.