Please add a function to skip tutorial

I wanna do a new region to check for transfer , have to do tutorial
Miss my old region and wanna stay in contact, have to do tutorial
Starts a new device, have to do tutorial
Game behaves bad and need reinstall, have to do tutorial

No i dont get suprised i get 3* carl anymore
Please add a skip button


3* Parting Shot Carl is love, 3* Parting Shot Carl is life.

i think i have 100 of him if i count all tutorials

There are skip buttons during the comic sequences and it doesn’t take 5 minutes (or less than 10 minutes) to finish this tutorial. There are more important issues which need fixing than this. When people want to “scout” regions they unfortunately have to plan on to take more time in advance. There are probably already more dead mini accounts (due of skull token‘s gate) than active accounts. Which isn’t beneficial for the game performance either.


How do you finish it in 10 minutes
Before i can connect to facebook it is rather 20min with all openings of carl and doc and building of buildings

Definitely takes me less then 10 mins… Im in approx 20 regions

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Getting to level 6 so you can properly check out the leaderboard… that takes a bit longer

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Yes make scouting harder.

@Tsarraz Good point for Quality of Life Improvement.


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I feel like GR is just trolling now


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