Please add a 6* human shield in season store


please add a 6* human shield in season token store instead of useless 5*


Never happen.

However, who is going to waste limited purple tokens on useless 5-star toons and crappy weapons? What are they thinking over there? 6k each for Pryia and Conrad or save up 3k more and get red Zeke? I don’t know what a tough decision. :rofl:




what next? erika mich bruce hershel?


That’s all what I am going to say


Every player who has Erika and is thinking long-term should get Konrad and Priya instead of Zeke. Priya was a 5* nightmare. Even without buffing her up that much she’ll still be a must-have once ascendable. Konrad ? If he keeps his weapon a team with Magna and him could be awesome.

Mirabelle is great tho. And there aren’t much melee leaders. But still, valuable 5* for low prices are still worth a thought.


Kate is pretty good for beating teams with HS…I can beat almost every top team with her.


If the tokens are seasonal, which I think they are, most people who hit all the milestones and participate in faction events might have enough tokens to get everything. If seasonal, they can’t save it for next season too.


you want a shield there they will probably add koa and he will be where kelly is next season


The purple tokens are in our inventory so I doubt they will disappear from one season to the next. If this is, in fact, the case I see no reason to blow them on 5-star toons that might get the ascension treatment in 2032 and on two really terrible weapons. I would assume the toons and weapons will change from one season to the next so there might even be better toons to choose from and saving them would give a head start over everyone else.

Zeke is a defensive rainbow leader. He’s got plenty of use right now. In my opinion, he’s the smart choice for any player who is f2p. He will allow for players to run many different defensive combos around him, unlike Mira and Carl at least without giving up the bonus completely.

@Wotan See the 2032 comment. It takes them far too long to ascend anyone and when they do they won’t be as strong as their 5-star counterpart was. Guaranteed.


Fixed the title!


They’re called season tokens, so IMO I think they’ll be used exclusively for this season. Don’t know for certain as there isn’t enough information regarding this, that I’ve noticed.


The toons have times on them, so wonder what will replace the current ones :thinking:


My money is that they carry over while the toons in the season store will change. What I doubt will carry over is your milestone progress from one to the next.


Nevermind I found it. Looks like they will, in fact, carry over from one season to the next just as I assumed they would.


Oh yea for sure milestones won’t carry over. Cool, I guess I can save mine then. Kudos


Yeah let us harpoon the whales


There not going to add a shield or even a revive there they make to much money of them your only hope is to pull from 3 year tokens if you don’t spend much money on the game


Also if you don’t have right weapon and leader shields are worthless it’s just target practice


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