Plea to players


No matter how crappy Scopely will force this game to get, don’t fall into the trap they setting up, to get you just get use to it and even worse get you to quit. You are needed to spread the word and let others know the truth.
Stay strong, positive, and keep holding the company accountable!



2nd ban incoming then lol, but not during the weekend (scopely reps are too good to work during the weekend).


I love baseball, and can’t wait for spring training to start. In honor of the upcoming 2018 MLB season…


Makes no sense here but I loved it.


Go CUBS GO!!! Cubbies all day.
Speaking of sports Scopely remind me of DA BEARS management, the people and players want a great team but the management keeps fucking shit up! Same goes for the Cleveland Brown’s team.


It’s a matter of balls and strikes…