Playr level rewards


so can we see the exact chart of rewards for player level from 126- 150 ??


Why is everyone so impatient? Just wait until you reach it. That way you can spread the disappointment out over many weeks…


excuse me !!!


Lvl 126 650 coins :sunglasses:


Give it another day, some lunatic will provide all the answers we seek


I’m glad they finally increased the levels but why for those of us that were already at 125 did we not get 126 when updated. Now have to start over not to mention all the xp we lost waiting. I think it should have put maxed out at 136 as we had already finished 125


Sorry 126 not 136


We never gained the experience for level 125. When we got enough experience to level up to 125 they left the bar full to show we couldn’t gain anymore experience.

If they rolled over the experience we"gained" since maxing at 125, I bet several of us who be at 150 as soon as a it rolled out


How about all the XP weve lost from claiming missions @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely. Those at 125 now lost all that xp when others can claim and receive that bonus why no retro for XP claimed from missions???


You mean the raid side mission? I stopped collecting those for this reason. Scopely never forced anyone to collect those.


Never forced anyone, but they gave the player base access to a good supply of raid cans and then launched leagues, multiple raid tournaments and a big collection event which all need cans. Bit shady tbh.


I did the same. JC did mention the player level increase a while back. So it made sense not to collect them.


Why did you claim them then lol. I’m lvl125 and didnt claim them


guys, chill, you will all be soon stuck on level 150 and asking for the level cap to be increased again


It’s only mods and weapon parts earned this time from leveling up according to the new post about it.


Sounds like fun for those who’ve been at 125 for ages. They’d be 150 instantly.


It is the same for all the prestige points I have collected for over a year and a half and thousands of dollars since I hit Prestige 13. When I first hit 13, I contacted support and they said that they would take the fact that when a prestige 13 player buys something, they are paying for something that is factored into the price and we get nothing for it.


Maybe you can ask this guy

Found him in top players


Oof… this man didn’t collect his raid missions


He’s from my old faction. Huge spender.