Playing on two devices option please

Just recently my Puzzles and Dragons game that i play has added a new option.

If I register through Facebook with them; I can play on more than one device.

I have a Facebook account with a remote email just for this purpose.

My Simpsons game offers this option too.

So I can play on my phone at work during breaks and play at home on my tablet.

It sure would be awesome if I could do the same thing with Walking Dead rts.

Just a thought…probably already covered but I don’t know

You can switch your account back and forth between two devices by linking to Facebook. Install the game on your second device, play through the tutorial, and then link to the same Facebook you used on the first device. It will transfer your account (most of the time).

If your two devices are different platforms (Android phone and iPad or iPhone and android-based tablet), you’re going to run into some issues when updates are released out of sync (even more so if you are in the beta version). Sometimes there are glitches with transferring back and forth between devices and support has to help you with the transfer.


I’ll try that tonight and get back here with the results.

I didnt think we had that option in rts

It work!!

Freaking brilliant! !

Thank you very much !!!

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@LadyGeek quick question if you have sec. I recently bought a new phone and want to transfer my game over. Do I just download TWD onto the new phone, play through the tutorial then message support with account code/receipt of recent purchase and other details they require from my main account on my old phone?

I’m not Lady Geek… However… You install the new game, play through the tutorial and then log-in to the game (assuming you’re connected through Facebook). Easy peasy lemon squeezey.


Thanks ET! Although I’m not connected to FB, so I assume I’d have to message support from the new phone and give them all my main account credentials?

Right, if you’re not linked to Facebook you wait for support to transfer you. (Unless you’re using a third party tool to backup/restore as referenced above)


Nup, no third party tool, just straight swap from one phone to another. Ty ty :pray:

The Facebook connect makes it sooooo easy.

This doesn’t work for me without going through support. If I try and swap between an iOS device and an Android device. Even though I’m linked to Facebook.

I think there’s some deeper tie between my account and my operating system (iOS).

Support can move me easily though. But Trying to use the link to FB on an Android device doesn’t work for me.

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