Playing again (new region)


I made a post a few days ago about thinking of playing again, and I’ve decided I want to. I miss the wars and the type of people who play this. There’s not many games that have such a decent community.
But I want to start on a new region, I’ll be rusty so there’s not much point playing in a year old region, It’ll take forever to catch up
Does anyone know when a new region will open up, or if ones opened recently?
Any advice is appreciated, thank you

Do you still have access to your old account?

Nowadays new accounts start automatically in new regions and they are locked there for at least six months or so.

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Yep @Ygexs2, that why i was asking after the access to thier old account. If they have it they’ll be able to choose a region. If not. Then they are tossed and locked in a new one.

No they won’t. You can’t join these new regions with old accounts. Have to reset your device or get a new device.

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My assumption was that in a year there may have been a device replacement lol

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No I sold my account last year, and I wouldn’t try and get it back because it’s theirs now

Dyer and cannon are 2 months old

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