#PlayersUnited Thoughts on the Players Council

Hello! Please see the latest #PlayersUnited blog post regarding the Scopely chosen Player’s Council.

Personally, I am grateful for those members picked and hopeful they will be able to make changes. Many I hold in high regard. But the Council was Scopely’s decision and not asked for by us members at PU.

There is so much more that needs to be done and so much Scopely still has failed to acknowledge. They have shown they are focused not on the player’s concerns on numerous game issues we have had for months but instead on the new Arenas and S-Class toons.

Keep strong and do not forget why #PlayersUnited was created in the first place: because of the repeated issues not addressed by the company and their repeated showing what concerns them most is not what is in the playerbase’s best interest


For more info, please visit: https://playersunited.wixsite.com/home/post/about-the-scopely-s-players-council



How does bane not qualify as a PU representative?


Dont even ask.


Bane is amazing and he is not the only one on the council who has been actively supporting PU and our efforts. But the Council is separate from PU.

There is currently no official representative for PU on the council. This was something created by Scopely and not requested by PU.


God people take a mobile app too seriously. Writing like you’re some kind of politician. Good grief


Half the people on the council are semi retired or have been talking about quitting for months. What a joke… LMFAO


Agreed. I don’t understand how someone you can say there isn’t one when there is at least one person on PC that was pushing for #PU from the very beginning.

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So is the PC that was utterly elected by scopely and represents nobody but themselves.

If it was to represent us, we would have voted for the reps. Scopely hand picked who it wanted. Who pays and who would be amenable. Both are bs.


While they aren’t officially connected (nor will they) the bigger push should be to get all Players Council members to pledge to the objectives of #PlayersUnited to improve the game.

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Neither will achieve anything tangible. Since the PU movement and the introduction of PC all we have seen is them buff Sclass toons and refresh a few wheels.

Scopely will pretend to listen but continue to listen to the only thing it cares about - the sound of money.


I understand where you all are coming from but I believe what is being said is that people on PC are supportive to PU concerns but none of them have announced to offically represent PU but I may have missed something.

So far I don’t think we have gotten anything from the council as far as I know of. It doesn’t help that they don’t officially announce anything being done on the council or maybe it’s tucked away under troves of other thread replies or chats.

But I’ll tell you what PC has done, it quieted down a lot of players, made them put their hope into PC and slow the rage they had against them and now many ain’t as vocal about it. It made their public appearance better and it made PU as a movement slow down which is independent. We’re putting too much faith into PC which is showing us nothing so far other than an elite council selected by scopely and don’t get me wrong I like a lot of the council members but we know nothing of it or what they can even do. We must remain focused on what we can do together United, we must be vocal for our change. We can stand together and make a difference or we can be divided and watch it fall. The choice is up to every single person who reads this, I’m going to fight for you either way.

Edit: also want to mention that in my opinion the reason it’s being brought to light that there is no PU offical representative is so that people understand who are PU that we must remain doing what we do because we’re independent from PC. This isn’t as negative as people are making it out to be.



The blog is pointing out that eventhough there are members on the Players Council, Scopely did not specifically ask for a representative from #PU

Instead, they chose individuals. And we are glad that some of those people have supported #pu and will continue to bring attention to those issues.
But there are still lots of unanswered questions around the player council.

#PlayersUnited wants to continue to push for changes to fix the game that have been noted as important in previous letters and posts.

This particular blogpost was previewed by members of #Pu and the pc



Close or over half of the council that’s known have said they are PU related. I think your bases are covered unless they’ve changed their minds. I get no official representative but come on, their voices can be heard. Unless this has to do with NDA stuff not sure what the issue is still.

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Agreed about some of the points being heard…of course!

But as you said “thats known”…theres still a lot of things we don’t know about the council. And we have been patient about information.

Nda can be an issue…we aren’t sure exactly how it will all work.
But we definitely do not want to put members of pc into possible awkward positions in the future.
Especially If they are limited in what they can do and or say.

We just wanted to point out that they are separate.
And efforts of the #pu will continue.
Not just focusing on things that Scopely determines as first priority, like Sclass toons.

The creation of players council doesnt mean that #PU is done.

That’s all we wanted to make clear.

And again, those members who are on the pc and part of #Pu were aware of these posts.
They also wanted to ensure that there didnt appear to be a conflict of interest.
And we respect them …which is why we made the post.


On #PU not being represented in the PC: I see some legalese stating #PU is not OFFICIALLY represented on the counsel. Base covering, if you will.

That does not mean the individuals on the counsel cant be driven by #PU goals. They just cant be presented as #PU official as the counsel is a Scopely thing.

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Regardless of all the stuff being sorted, I’m sticking to their original deadline. This was given by them and if they don’t at the very least have 90%+ of that wrapped up, I’ll know what’s up.

I mean already communication is still absolute garbage so I think they’ll still fail that part.


What is written is that PU welcomes PC, that there are members openly supportive of PU, but Scopely, to date, has not officially designated - or asked for - a PU representative neither did they explain the Council’s agenda. This is a major difference.

Need an example? OK.

One of PU’s top priority is to make the game fairer, “closing the gap” so to speak. If the PC’s agenda goes like “What next S-Class’ skill do you want to see?”, or “What game mode can improve Arenas?”, is it really why over 1,000 players have rallied around PU in the first place? Is it what Bane’s letter was about? How any member is going to be able to make an actual impact then, PU-friendly or not?

Rest assured everyone would prefer there had not been a need for PU in the first place and sincerely hopes for the Council to be fruitful. Yet at this stage, the PC does not mean PU’s work has ended.

This post not only is positive, it does what PU has been trying to do so far: protect the players’ interests. Therefore, “being offended on behalf of Bane” is surprising when he is aware of all of this and maybe, just maybe, PU is actually acting to ensure Bane and other PU-friendly people can strengthen their voice in there.


No need to get bogged down in a territorial war by PC and PU. We all want the same thing.

Certainly. That’s why, I, will be starting #ParkerUnited


Do you have a members only jacket @Parker ?
If so…then… :raising_hand_woman: plz

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No, but you do get a free Parker pen, just for enquiring.

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