#Playersunited questions

I have been one to typically take up for scopely based on the way that some players like to voice their opinions. I definitely agree with many of the changes being suggested and want to see a fair f2p p2p balance as much as the next person.

The things that i would like to know are: what are suggestions to make the game “fair” and enjoyable for both f2p and p2p? What do we, as the player base, do to ensure we help make it a smooth transition? If scopely gives us better outlets, will we respond in a positive manner?

Not going to lie, as much as i hate being ignored when issues happen, i completely understand why it has gotten to that point. Why do they want to take the time to explain a mistake or go over something when they are just going to be riddiculed and talked down to, no matter what their explanation is?

Dont get me wrong, i think both sides need to make changes, but what i dont want to see is a big whine fest where certain players get their way momentarily and then things go back to how they are now shortly after.

Basically, what i would like to see from this movement on the player base side is an agreement that if scopely is doing their part, the player base will give them the respect deserved in order to have clear lines of communication. I feel like if we could have done that a long time ago, it never would have gotren this extreme.

Already prepared for this post to get ridiculed, but i am hoping that it is read in an understanding way. If you want to see change, you need to be a part of it yourself. Want scopely ro be nicer? Start by giving them someone worth being nice to and then we can go from there. Nothing will change on their side if it doesnt change on ours as well.

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You’re asking us to be nice to the people who keep pulling the rug out from beneath us? Yea ok, not happening.

They have had years, years of us being docile. We’ve all lost friends and competitors due to sheer greed and incompetency from this company. Why should we be nice, it’s never worked, ever.

Scopely is worried now, as they should be. Let them be afraid for once, let them be the ones who don’t know what the next day is going to bring, let them sit in the dark and wonder how to fix things.

Being nice is over, man. You can either kick some butt or kiss it, the choice is yours.
Players United!


We did this long ago. It sparked the Albert letter, we fell for it…gave them 2 years to make these changes. It was basically all fluff.


Fortunately they are also pissing off consumers in their other games, so i doubt those will ever have the longevity that this game has player base wise.


Exactly the problem. Im not trying to fight or argue. But, the first response is a refusal to comply with changes that you want? That sounds silly.

I’d recommend talking to players that are actually trying to push for a change instead of just being negative twatwaffles. Non waffles like @Bane, @Kuntar are people who would have better answers as opposed to someone like @FearElbertsWrath


You sound like a nice person and I hope you dont get ppl being angry about this. Everyone has a right to support #playersunited or not, and to ask any questions they have. From my perspective, respect is earned, not given. Thus far, Scopely has not earned my respect, so I won’t respect them until I have reason to do so.

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I understand, but respect is a 2 way street. What respect has the player base earned by yelling demands and pitching fits? Ive watched it happen for a long time.
If everyone worries about themselves doing the right rhing, it all plays out… no change will last as long as people dont learn to control themselves.

Look I’ll be honest here. I’m bitter and this company has destroyed a great many players attitudes. I’m entitled to be so, my opinion is my own. I won’t be nice anymore. This movement is the last attempt for a great many players who don’t want to give up on something they love. If scopely fails yet again, then I’ll be the first to sit back and watch it burn from the glorious perspective of retirement. I’m passionate about this game, but I’m not going out of my way to kiss up in order to get it fixed. I was nice when the first game problems happened, but have watch the lies and greed turn this into something it was never meant to be.

You rallying for people to be nice tells me either you’re not really understanding the depth of the mood this community has. So hey you do you, and what’s the phrase? Oh yeah, keep surviving.

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Bro I’m all for change, but I refuse to be a sheep being led to slaughter anymore.

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I see what you are saying. To me there is a difference between respect and common human decency. I think we can say “Not buying it” to Scopely’s letter without attacking people, for example. So I fully agree that folks should be civil, but respect is too far out of reach for me in this situation, Haha.

I Definitely defer to @Bane - he and the other top facs orchestrated this idea, I’m just along for the ride & in full support of this movement!


There were few responses, but the responses that were given were all excellent ideas. I’m not gonna sign up for a hashtag whatever this is, but I’m all for trying to make improvements to the game I love.

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