#PlayersUnited promised update reaction?

Sharing my reaction & looking for yours in the comments! Breaking down what some of these #PLAYERSUNITED promised changes mean in the game while figuring a few things out myself. Do you think this is a positive step in the right direction, or is it too little too late? Not enough? Do you feel good about it? Share your reaction below!



It is a start. That is all. I look for more changes very soon.


I agree that this stuff should had been done a long ass time ago like ffs! But yes i am happy for this update, this is a lot of stuff they are updating and they are great updates. Amazing how much work they put in when we stop spending and goes to show we have the power. I mean look at previous updates, they didnt update really anything, a few tiny bug fixes or something that should take like 2 hours of developing but after we stop spending we get this huge update with lots of stuff and it is about damn time, most important this shows the people we are in control cause so many in this community had no hope and just got complacent. Look forward to more updates, most important is closing the gap and i am hoping vet rings will not be this p2p as it looks now cause lots will quit


I don’t know yet if odds and stuff don’t improve then I prob should just say hey it’s not the game for me.
Who is sick of duplicates?

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Whether its years late or not, it’s a very much needed update. This will make a lot of these irrelevant daily features, way more relevant. I’m actually quite surprised at the level they went on some of these, especially the basic tokens.


I think it’s the first step on a long path to improving the game experience. But I do think it’s a positive step in the right direction.



Not looking forward to having more duplicates on my roster.
Was hoping (myself) the ability to acquire more up to date toons without the second mortgage payment.

They increased chances for old and mostly irrelevant characters.
This is awesome if I just started but like a lot of other people most of the characters are seconds and thirds.

I see scopley being reactive to PU.
This isn’t a great solution but a bandage to hush people.
I for see more anger on the horizon.

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