#PlayersUnited please stand up

Players United started with motivation to change how we as players were being treated with the ongoing gap widening each week. I was able to convince the 2 biggest rival faction leaders to sit down and come together to show unity, and it happened. There was an agreement. There was unity. And what blossomed from 5 players to over 1000 players in less than 24 hours was an amazing sight. I asked leaders of all factions to leave their egos at the door. Rivalries were put on the back burner, and those who were rivals came together for the bigger picture, which was a better game. The famous letter was constructed and sent out to an overwhelming response by you all, the players of RTS. That was an exciting night. To see everyone, F2P to P2P come together under one tag, #PlayersUnited. Scopely then responded with promises for a better game and updates to things we all as a community wanted and needed. Scopely also promised for their to be a Council(Counsel, whatever) of which players would have direct contact with people in Scopely to give the feeback needed to construct a better game.

#PlayersUnited stood tall, demanded improvements and stayed unified. Some players took it upon themselves to push the movement to social media and a site was created with report cards and player testimonies on how they were treated by Scopely. Things felt like we finally had a chance, that our voice was heard.

Then PC was created. I feel like this was a turning point in all the things stated above. Through not so great communication by Scopely, a Council was picked and players were confused. “Who are the players of PC” “What are they going to do” “What powers do they have” “Do they have PU’s best interest”. Then comments and conspiracy theories came about. “They’re all friends” “They’re only going to push things through for their own factions” “They’re all whales” “They don’t have our voice”. I want to remind the community that PC has some of the founding players from #PlayersUnited, a community manager who has been around since the beginning, and players that are passionate and want a better game. I can’t say it anymore. What you all put on these forums are echoed and thrown at Scopely on a daily basis from PC. We hound them, we fight them, and we do everything we can to be heard.

With the release of a new S class this weekend, it reminds me why #PlayersUnited was formed. To close this widening gap, to unify us, the players and to have an overall, better game. To which, a majority of you feel like this has not come to fruition and I do not blame you because I am disappointed with what we are being given. But we need to remind each other, every day, that WE STAND UNITED! We, #PlayersUnited will not accept what we are given until there has been true, acceptable change.

I only speak for myself, and that means I will echo the letter we sent to Scopely every single day and remind them why we formed in the first place. Every day I am in there fighting for a better game. And every day I am reminded by Scopely why I am there fighting with releases and faulty events on a weekly basis. This is not what we formed for. This is not what we are fighting for. And this is not what we want. So, to Scopely, you’re on the clock. I personally hold you accountable for 9/26. We want answers, we want a roadmap and we want you TO OWN UP TO YOUR PROMISES. Stand together guys. Stay unified, and keep making your voices heard.



What is it to discuss with this post?
We all want a better game.
But every day when nothing happend is one step away from the goal.

There’s nothing to discuss. It’s to remind people why PU formed and to keep this up.


What exactly do you expect to happen on Sept 26th? I bet they WILL do something. Another letter. Listing what they had done, that is ahead, blah blah blah… Another set of promises and a legacy. Fast Maggie.

And miraculously for some players it would be enough. They will see “steps in the right direction”, " improvements", ect… Only not to accept that they are just unable to quit.


You are right. They will give us something on that date… another promise letter.

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They will list a few of the minor improvements, ignore the huge list of failures and lies, and promise to keep it up


PlayersUnited never knelt down.

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so you just wanted to tell everyone players United was your idea

Yes, I need to feel validated.


PlayersUnited is not a a bunch of people that spendstrikes
It is amovement for a better game and to speak up against all thats fault in the game.
We should still get clifton in every wheel in game if we didnt speaked up.

We do this becouse we still love the game and mostly the community in it.

your always so needy brucey boy, not even a real ginger asian just a fraud

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#PlayersUnited presents me
#PlayersCouncil doesn’t

Thanks for the clarification, I had no idea.

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I thought you needed to hear that
Thanks for the ironic reply that didnt help anything

Wow we have to be elite in the elite of PU

I don’t understand this tbh, I’m not an elite anything. But I do believe Scopely listens to dollars and not words.


Those ‘anointed’ to PC should be driving the discussions with Scope. Here’s what PU wants we will discuss this & only this until the game is fixed. We will not be used as a shield on the forums. We will walk away if there is no quick progress on the issues.
There has been one update on the meetings from Scope, communication is still terrible, still issues with the game, rewards are all over the place, S Class continues at game breaking speed.

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Sorry. This “movement” has happened many times in the past. Even had some media attention. This is nothing new. One thing needs to happen, and every time it’s brought up, it’s f@@g@d and removed. People start whining don’t judge how people spend or jealous much.

Only one thing can fix this.

They have forever lost me as a paying customer. I will not spend to get gen 2 toons like Jiafeng and Elena when it takes me 2x as long to kill S Class toons due to their bloated stats compared to my gen 2 defense team.

#Playersunited worked for me. The game should be 99% #playersunited. Anyone buying monthly passes, coin packages or the small micro transactions are just paying for an inferior product to the super whales.


I think many people can support PU in different ways but the most effective way is to be absolutely free to play and vocal. I’m not going to bash you if you spend, it’s your game, you make your money. but if you’re spending, you’re slowing down change or it anything outright stopping any positive change because of the simple reason. Scopely only listens to one thing and that’s money. No they don’t want to listen to PU or even PC for that matter they will only listen to revenue. The only true way for us to get our point across is to not spend anymore and I can only speak for myself when I say why would you even be spending on this game anyways? It doesn’t do anything but take from you week after week, it even takes features away. Why would you give money to this? Ego? To be on top? Top of what? You’re only on top as long as you spend, once you stop you will realize it was only spending that put you on top of others for the most part. Skill is very limited in this game, it just takes common sense but mostly just money… id understand if there was something to fight for but there hasn’t been for some time now, there is no special reward for getting 1st other than bragging rights and right now bragging rights mean nothing in a game on life support that is dying out. Why people choose to still give away money to this game that has no respect for them or the health of the game… it’s astounding but to each their own. I stopped right before WoC, I’ve found that extra money that I normally spent on the game put towards real life activities has been way more rewarding than anything this game has given me in over a year and more importantly I actually get it instead of just a “chance” I’m United and I intend to stay that way as long as the play this game… but the 26th just might be when I finally decide to call it quits because people would rather argue with each other than put the pressure on Scopely which is unfortunate. You don’t have to be PU to make this change and have a difference, some seem so hipster against being PU they completely miss the point. PU is just people standing together and speaking up against Scopely with the same goal of a better game for themselves and or for others. Stop over complicating it and decide if you want a better game for you, your faction, the community or not. It’s a choice that you have to make.