#PlayersUnited in the news


This is exactly what needs to happen for scopely to take notice and fix the issues people have with this game.
gaming magazines, bloggers,you tubers,Twitter users whatever to be aware what’s going on inside this game,and to start commenting on it and to bring it to the attention of the wider public

More than 48 million players (the company says 45 million) have downloaded the game, and they have spent more than $325 million since 2015, according to estimates by measurement firm Sensor Tower. Scopely itself does not disclose revenues.

That comes out to $6.77 per fan over four years. On a per-day basis, that comes out to 0.00463 in dollars spent. The fans say that more than 1,500 players have agreed to the spending boycott, said Peter Mai, another player who has joined the boycott. That’s about 3.3 percent of the players. If those players have stopped spending, then Scopely is losing about $6.95 per day.

Whilst the maths clearly doesn’t work like that, it is a sound reminder of why #PlayersUnited cannot be fought by the forum only. We are a tiny portion of the playerbase and need to encourage all of our factions to take part.


Lol. Must be a joke


The author math is just terrible lol. They do some more later in the article but clearly put 0 effort into it.


“should we make some sensible assumptions about the fact that every single one of the 325 million users might possibly spend a different amount on the game”

“nah, let’s just focus on having more really annoying video adverts you can’t close that disrupt people’s enjoyment of our hastily written article”


That was terrible journalism. They only quoted the original letter sent to them and Scopely itself and did diddly squat research into the majority reasons behind the movement. Hastily written article indeed.


This. Hasty journalism aside, it’s one step in the right direction in getting word out there the shitstorm that is happening here. Now, to reach out to bigger sites that have wider coverage and larger audience :wink:

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The math really is terrible and also irrelevant. Sure 48 million people may have downloaded the game but how many of those became regular players and how many of those became spenders and how many of those are whales/big spenders who have joined players United? I’m sure the revenue loss would work out far more than $6.95 per day.

Would have been much better if they’d focused more on the reasons behind the boycott, rather than making it seem like it’s pointless because Scopely’s revenue loss is “miniscule” in comparison to the number of players.


The math in both of those articles are completely way off.

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Why the journalist said that was an boycott ?

Asking for fixes and better ways to make the game great again would not fit on the boycott definition.

I think the journalist doesn’t know about Quality in software and so on.

Yeah…that is ridiculous math. It assumes that all 45 million players have been playing for 4 years…and we all know that there’s are nowhere near 45 million players still playing this game. They should take an estimate of fans currently playing the game and look at the most recent months estimated revenue.

Even then it’s still a guess as I believe fans participating in the forums are probably heavily skewed towards the “heavy spenders” category. The casual player may not even know this is going on.

Maths are off as they are taking the 4y sp3333nding over all players, not mentioning the alts/b@@@ned/fake/tr000ll/F2P accounts.

Without data, it’s impossible to quantify the daily revenue per players as it takes a rough average.

Considering they are on the record about a year ago saying

“Walking Dead players spend an average of $125 per month in the game”

Of course that’s before most people tuned out… but an interesting point of reference… an average faction spends $3500 /mth … Likely a tiny fraction of what top faction members spend

I’m in a top 25 faction and most if not all of us spend less than $3500 /mth

$125 x 30= $3,750/m
(Also $125/30=$4.1/day)

How much does a 40 pull cost?
8200 coins = ~$100us.
SC = $25/month

Wayland/Premium pull odds 0.6%… or ~1/166.

So odds state you should be doing 160 or 4x40s or $400 per premium.

And we all know how often those odds are correct.

That was a year ago… So who knows

don’t buy coins from Apple or Google. Amazon is much cheaper

Was basing costs off the shop

How much does Amazon cost?

I’m from Germany. 8250 coins from Google cost 110€ (incl. 19% tax). On Amazon it’s only 88€, but you can buy Amazon coins with 20% discount so 8250 coins cost about 70€ (incl. 19% tax). That’s 70/110=63%

Nice deal!

Looks like coin loaders went legit.