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Introducing the PlayersUnited forums :fist:

None of this could had been done without HXC. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is still a work in progress and I want to be clear that this isn’t only for RTS but for all gamers, games and platforms to have a place to chat, a place to come together and stand united. I feel, why limit ourselves to only RTS. I am a gamer, i have been gaming over 25 years now and have played them all, gaming is a passion of mine and gaming is on a fast decline, if we do not act now, it will only get worse. The only ones who can stop this, is us, the players, but we can not do so alone, it is time for us to come together and take a stand! If you are a gamer, whether it be RTS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, etc then this is a little place where you can come and chat, connect with other gamers, get help or help other gamers, etc. This doesn’t take away from the official RTS forums or any other place for PlayersUnited, i just feel that we the players should have some forums just for us. Again, this is still a work in progress and i will be making many changes, updates, etc to the forums but people are welcome to come and check it out, invite others, etc. Currently i am looking for mods, if you are intrested please message me here or on Line app, my ID is ssinless. You can also email me at

#PlayersUnited :fist:


Here is a bumb :fist_left: :smile:

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My biggest problem with moving things off the official forums is that it clears the way for scopely to go about business as usual.
By usual, like scam, lie, cheat, misdirection, basically everything people come to expose.
Just think of the outcome, less people here holding them accountable, no one to back up anything and their ability to make everything disappear much easier.
It is like when kalishane thought it would be awesome to have the “official scopely complaint” thread she moved everything and anything into it making it a behemoth thread no one would read through.
While the boot lickers had unlimited posts about anything that made them look good.

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I state in my post this isnt to take away from the official forums or anything else PU related. As well as this isnt just for RTS.

I’m sure Scopely will be represented.

Yup pushing the players there so they can say “what are you talking about, we had no idea, no one informed us on our forums”

They are welcome, i want to set up a section for devs and publishers.

Can link back to these forums, also these are not only for rts, this is for all games on all platforms. No reason PlayersUnited has to be only an RTS thing, in fact i really think PU should be in all games. Which is what this is for, it isnt finished yet, has some more work to go

My understanding would be that this forum would reunite all #PU affidavit into a single space, doesn’t matter the game.

It would centralise all testimonies and help others in all the issues encountering in any games, make a big movement to “fight” against the actions from certain devs/publishers.

Also, it would avoid any c3nsorsh1p and any d3l3t10n of topics, nowhere to hide proofs

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All of this, yes, this is the goal.

So we’re at the same page, that’s good.

I understood different from your previous message

Sorry for the misunderstanding, pretty much what you said in your comment is what the intent of these forums are.


Made a few changes to the forums
Added new boards:
Added “Players United”
Added “Platforms” this board contains boards “PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Mobile”
Added “Content Creators”
Added “Developers and Publishers”
Currently these boards “Content Creators and Developers and Publishers” are under construction and maybe for a bit.
Added more plugins, such as the smiley face drop box
Currently working on a plugin that will allow members to create their own sub board after approval such as boards for specific games or devs/pubs such as RTS and scopely
Changed a few perimeters in the boards “General and in Mods”
Made a few customizations in terms of looks in themes
Added some words to the bIocked words list

More updates to come tonight, will post here

#PlayersUnited :fist:

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