#PlayersUnited follow up

So we’ve gotten the first part from the list of promises from Scopely. A lot of us in #PU would like to see a concrete timeline stated and have it implemented for the rest of our demands. There are many things still untouched that need to be fixed. Territories is the obvious one. COMMUNICATION is another big one. Bridging the gap between P2P and F2P is another.

While I trust some on the PC to do the right thing for all, some of them I don’t know, so I cannot make any judgement.

For those that think that #PU and PC are one in the same, they aren’t.

We, the #PlayersUnited are still making our voices heard through all channels. We are still alive, well and fighting the good fight for all.



Still waiting for the promises roadmap we were promised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What do you mean by we get first part of scopley’s promises (I wouldn’t call them that ), did you smoke anything today ?
Promises are for something good.
We see some changes yes .
But for the worst .
We still playing lvl up 24/24 7/7 for nothing , thanks to the NRG
I didn’t complete any collection
And yet I didn’t get any new ascendable from any wheel , not to mention that all the ascendable are completely worthless now
Except maybe Martinez , wish will be impossible to get from prestige tokens since we get 1 pull for month

Just looking at the promises list, here is what they still need to address:

  • Basic Gameplay Updates: We will update basic gameplay to keep older features relevant and exciting. We are looking to make the following improvements:
    • New Player Levels
    • More frequent Log-in Events (only one so far)
    • Three additional Legacy Ascendables will be released by the end of October, with more to come. The next three will be:
      • “Life and Death” Maggie
    • Updates to Survival Road
    • Updates to Faction Assault
  • Communication - We will continue to evolve and improve our player communication strategy to ensure players know what’s coming.
    • We will be launching a new blog with a regular cadence of content.
    • You will see greater communication from our community managers in our forums and other community channels.
  • Technical Stability: We are committed to making the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. We acknowledge that recently we have experienced a lot of technical bugs. We are committed to making this a top priority and will aim to deliver the high quality experience our players deserve.

I took out new game play experience because I assume that was intended to be the Arena. Seems as though their technical stability is getting even worse as they have admitted this week to shelving hordes and war due to bugs.


This has become almost laughable. Why don’t you guys have one spokes person instead of stepping all over each other in posts. If you’re so united and so organized that shouldn’t be a problem.

I think he is referring to their promises thread. Some of that stuff has been completed by Scopely, all the content refreshes. He didn’t say there were done. Go look at the promises pinned thread.

We are ALL spokesman/women. It needs to be reminded from time to time and having different people doing so has more of an effect.

Nail on the head. We are FAR from done here.

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I’ve gotten 5 ascendables from the updated wheels. 4 dupes and an AJAX! It’s a chance at it. I’m also in a heavy grinding fac, taking first place in all region events. So I got several pulls on the 5* wheel.

Yes I know .
What I wanted to say ,
When anyone says I promise you something
That something should be real good , not just anything .
If your friend says , hi if you get me that girl number I will give you some money .
What would you expect.
0.99$ or a number higher than I don’t know , let’s say 20$
Do you get the idea
Even though scopley changes are worst than your friend giving you 0.99 for what you did for him . lol

yea. they have a long way to go. I appreciate the content refreshes but they were simple and easy. the hard stuff is yet to come.


The problem is we dropped a bomb on scopely, BIG changes take time, and you cannot expect Scopely to just drop their agenda/punch list to do what’s requested/demanded. They worked for a while on everything they’ve done that’s NEW. All of it dates back to being in motion prior to the #PU demands. From Pryia to arenas and dare I say the Typhoon event that’s incoming in less then 2 weeks. They have to add these demands into their punch list.

I am so happy you just sent all of that. Most of your followers think that coding is just flipping a switch and everything is perfect. You should post stuff like that comment a lot more often so peoples expectations are where they should be.

Hahahahaha. Point is #PU pushes on because we understand how it works. This is just a reminder for them to know they’ve not met demands.

I speak of you talking about it takes time. People that claim they represent your cause post hateful posts and yes I mean hateful posts daily because everything is not fixed.

Not everyone that posts represents the people that are putting this into motion. Yes there are some hateful things and all the ones leading the charge don’t do the hateful posts.

Not that their voices shouldn’t be heard.

Who is posting hateful posts? Perhaps you should try reading it. Scopely themselves put a timeline of 30-60 days on it. Do you even hear yourself? Pushing buttons? Do you even think there should be a need for something like PU to happen for them to upgrade a 30 pass crate that included four stars in the six star era?

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I guess you’re not understanding my post Ricky. My original post was every day we are getting posts about official stances on players united. And some of those posts people that say they represent the movement would be laughed at Because they behave online like animals. I was actually praising this inverse ninja person who stands for this group for pointing out that things take time.

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People will always be people :blush:

Change take time and I also think this was acknowledged in the first PU communications. What doesn’t take time is increased communication and producing a road map with a timeframe - as Scopely themselves mentioned in their promises :blush:

So where is that roadmap! :wink: