Players vs Scopely


War is the best part of The game, but revards sucks.


let’s cancel the war and give them rewards.



Come on people, war has been moved for holidays and similar events several times in the past. Just wait a week…


We’ve had war on almost every major holiday,

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Yeah but they stopped doing that recently. For example, no war in the last week of December. We also had a three week break two months ago, I think. These things happen; and the way it looks now there will be back-to-back crw the next two weeks to make up for it.

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Which is good how? Having two weeks back to back? I don’t buy for one second the holiday excuse, the other two excuses they gave are much more plausible , toc complained of war fatigue, and technical instability.

Well, I would personally prefer they move back to a two-week schedule, but the way it is now they will not reduce the overall number of wars.

I buy the holiday excuse, because they probably want to give staff time off, and war needs people there in case something breaks. The huge number of wars for ToC regions probably figured into the calculation though.

The staff doesn’t work during wars though

Are you sure? Who fixes the issues that come up during war then?

Ummm no one? Where you been? Like the war a few times ago, they fixed people until closing time on Friday and then everyone else waited until Monday,

I think I’ve seen issues that come up on saturday be resolved. OTOH, I’m in a Euro time zone so it may have been very late on a Friday in Scopelyland? Or I might be mistaken.

No one :slight_smile: Time will work

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