Players using extremley offensive curse word and racial slurs


Scopely you need to seriously police your game chats and war event chats for players who are calling people*unts and *iggers. This is beyond offensive. We can block them and report, but NOTHING ever happens. This is a major issue, that players continue to face.


JFC, of all things that they ignore and need to be fixed this NOT one of them.

There is an ignore button… use it, and let them get back to not addressing the 50 other far more important things they are not doing anything about.


What are *unts and *iggers


I’ve even seen retards talking about newborn and child porn.


Scopley should ban those people


where do we call the crying cops? its not 911


I disagree about the curse words. but agree with you about the racial slurs.


Being racist is not againt the law, freedom of speech no matter whats said


Well “Freedom of Speech” … everyone doesn’t have that right in their country. That was made in America, but other groups of people come to America in order to have that right, so I wouldn’t say everyone has it.


they can barely handle basics support service… how in the world do you expect to do anything about this lol


Lol was this reply meant for me because I don’t think it was. XD


no sorry lol damn i got scopleyed


Lol haha.


Britgirl, my apologies


Trolls gonna troll


Anyone that condones any racial slurs, whether it be in a game or real seriously need to take a look in the mirror, there is a lot of young people playing this game and if they see that type of behaviour and someone excusing it they will take that into the real world thinking it’s perfectly ok. I am all for freedom of speech but if you can’t come up with an insult and have to resort to the colour of someone’s skin then you my friends are ignorant. And the point I made about young people is to combat @EndureAndSurvive9’ comment about going into a drug then, if a child sneaked in there would you say it was there fault , no-one and I mean no-one deserves that abuse for curiosity, simple as.


Apply that to animals, say a dog is curious about what the couch feels like, or excited its owner is home and you yell at them


:confused: This shouldn’t happen to anyone.


Saying it’s ok or scopely tells us tor rip each other apart is condoning it. I do not work for scopely but I assume when they say rip each other apart they don’t mean racially, it’s 2017 and we are trying to get rid of racism but how will that ever happen if people don’t change there attitudes. No excuse for it, end of.


@Locky you have a blessed day man, and calm down. They’re only words. What happened to the motto “never give a crap about what people say?” If you let things that people say make you mad, than you gotta grow some balls man is what my friends would say. Yes it’s 2017, but people learned by now to not care about what people say. Nowadays the N word is common and everyone uses it when angry. Even Russians are using it. Words change overtime, and people take advantage of them. Listen to TLC’s song Haters. They have a good message to ignore the haters and move on. 2017 is the year about getting this money and ignoring the haters and trolls. I wish for the best, and hope you come in 1st place in War. :blush: