Players quitting

Noticing tons of players in our region quit this week. Guess they’re tired of the long grind with rewards that aren’t worth it


I wish more people quit in my region. Less competition for LUs.


Same everywhere dude. People are tired of the pathetic rewards. War used to be the main event but when you aren’t in a top faction, you don’t get a toon unless you spend… yay trainers and tokens for basic garbage.


Or the fact we need to go to a hack site to get accurate calendar info/start times may have a little to do with it. Mod event never happens… Longer list here but, yeah, lot of good players quitting. Shame.


Its unfortunate but thats the reality of it

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It sux but it was always like this, even before 6*, f2p only opened 5* wheels with garbage

But at least u could have a shot at alpha or just save them for when they update the wheel, if they ever do. With these war tokens you get all junk. Even removed the gold mod boxes that were in there the first stash


Seems like every decision they’ve made lately are to a disadvantage of players or things that no one asked for.


Thats scopely for you.

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It the lack of communication between us the community and scopley


They can care less now they have multiple games they make millions off of

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I play there WWE for there top level month pass it costed $100

There isn’t a lack of communication on our end. Just a refusal to do anything with it on their end. All we do on here is make suggestions that get ignored. No wonder everyone complains. People that feel ignored and taken advantage of tend to complain


Yeah apparently the wwe and lonney toons make more money then this game

You think this game is hard to get gear WWE game is way harder main thing I like about that game you can make a 1* into a 5* but it is a long grind if you don’t spend in that game

People keep forgetting in the 5* era the game was way worse. You barely got any 5* tokens. I had only 3 5* toons till ascendance hit. Albeit I was only 7 months into the game at that time. But the 1 turn teams were bad. The disparity between top and bottom factions was worse. The only difference was that the game had a lot more players. Better events although we had a lot of dull days with nothing in between


It took me 6 months to get my 1st 5* haha

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Same here. About 6 months. Ellen

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About the same with me. Barely could get any tokens in those days

Andera from sd