Players Promise Now vs Priya(Daze), Arena and Veterans.... How do you feel

Are you still satisfied with the players promise now seeing Priya and the evolution of S-Class and Veterans? or did you just fall for some misdirection

  • Hell NO i’m not happy, WTF just happened?
  • Yea, this is just what we wanted to turn things around.

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Many will retire that stat boost was unnecessary, and even if it was 200/300 would have been great, not frikin 4k lol


From 6* to 8* overnight lol


I wouldn’t say I fell for misdirection because I figured Scopely would do things to make any minor improvements irrelevant, which they have.


3 years i played this game, this weekend will be the final goodbye to my teammates, f.u.c.k you scopely. You pieces of s.h.i.t


but what if they give us more tokens?

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Wow not even the trolls voted the other option. Thats when you know scopely messed up


Maybe we will pull 2 vincents instead of one :smirk:

The new priya makes all those “promises” irrelevant


100 percent lol where are the other language players? Do they have their own forum?

The option wasn’t sarcasm?? Lol

Scopely be like

There is one person who said they liked the change lol.

If you get a double maxed priya alone with 650 atk hp or def SHE’S 14,074 in total. But a vk team of double maxed priya’s with mods is 65,520. That be unstoppable. Scopely save us all.

Hey marlon and Rosie will turn it all around tho…just you wait and see!

Inbrace the end… of rts!

Are those stats for S-class Priya a mistake? The S-class Pete stats are better than regular version but nothing close to Priya. That has to be a mistake… They look like they are (exactly?) double the regular 6* version.

No thats are double maxed stats (Her stats after arena upgrades.)

I’m comparing the S-class Pete museum collection to the S-class Priya museum collection. So you’re saying Priya stats are after arena upgrades then why isn’t Pete also after arena upgrades? So confusing (to me at least…)