Players leaving - mass exodus

Quite a few players just quit the game, many leaving factions and going casual, removing their cc from game, ive seen 2 account blitz’n.

I think it’s safe to say this needs to be addressed a lot more better Scopely, players have seen how “fast” you guys are at actually fixing problems when its a monetary problem as opposed to fixing anything else of what you consider “less importance”

I myself used 5* even ascendable toons to justify my ascend of a character in the level up, i used coins etc … im used to this kind of behaviour and support from yourselves, just leads me to not put in as much as before and it goes the same for many players im friends with/faction mates.

to leave this mess in such a huge mess it will not work out for yourselves, im being constructive here and trying to keep others from leaving the game.

But i also want to put this out there,

Survivors Club is designed for newer players, it does not truly reflect value to that of someone who has a maximised town (Level 20) and food supplies on forever, or needing to craft gun parts in armoury (3-4 free craft time) it’s really just your greed that this is released and adding perks for newer players into the mix

you cant roll back accounts to give players what they spent exactly because your greed pertains you to Run Level up and other events back to back and even simultaneously so the 1 hour respite between events would be where you could only roll back to a safe time BUT even forfeit the possibility of players losing their event rewards.

YOU have pushed yourselves into that corner, YOU are the ones who brings out NEW promos before testing and causing endless bugs ingame that are truly Shocking on how long they get fixed. (Im talking about Morgan’s ?Auto Farm bug that causes the battle items pouch to flicker pausing your run through losing you anything up to 20 energy) i gave this information out to JB over 2 weeks ago and its still being treated as a new ticket everytime its mentioned once again here in the forums

I stated also by teasing players of a NEW “FREE” SHIELD that this over-hyped business model that’s going on hurts the game in the long run. Yes, some of us idiots will pay for the shield whilst others are literally expecting a free to play shield because thats just it, they are free to play. pushing a narrative that a free character is “TECHNICALLY” correct in your wording only works as a false advertising claim in writing … This DOES NOT appease your player base who are taking your word of a free shield. It’s not the way to do business and keep players in the game. YOU cause animosity between P2P and F2P players which isnt needed.

my advice is to take a step back, take a deep breathe and think hard about what kind of players do you still want playing this game, if you want players at all, the sun could be se-tt-ing if thats your plan. then we will leave you to it. Its time to take some pride in your game you created and in turn created yourselves to be a big hitter in the mobile game industry. We are meant to carry each other and right now its only the players doing the heavy lifting. Think about it, do you want this game to drop further down in the ranks/spenditure


yeah that might be true cause i leave it as well and got some money back :wink:

If you listened to this interview from the Scopely co-founder from a couple years ago, you will know this company is only focused on one thing.

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agreed with you

Not going to lie this is where I am at right now debating staying till christmas but I honestly think i’m done with it

Adroid mate

thats bad mate. i was happy that i got something back and the guy on phone was really nice. but i will try to get back more from scopely even if they going to block me

I’ve known this for a long time. I done a paper and a heck of a lot of research about mobile gaming and microtransactions on console/pc gaming and its alarming whats being done and how much data they have on you … you think Facebook login is just a security reason they implemented???

Theyre fed up of the game also, theyve dealt with too many complaints from what i’ve heard.

one apple employee told my mate just dont spend with them anymore lmao

i dont work for apple and can tell you the same thing :slight_smile:

Maybe if enough leves and / or no further $ will make them realize what a terrible chain of events it’s been on how players are treated by Scopely.

mate you should try call them. :slight_smile: i call google play i prwfer to talk than write :wink:

Unfortunately no matter what happens, no matter how many people leave or say they will stop ■■■■■■■■ in the end you cannot get everyone to boycott and what is done unfortunately will not be achieved on a scale to cause a difference.
People quit all the time. It will even its self out. Those who have we’re probably concidering it for a while. And eventually would have anyway. Maybe in a week or a month but they were half decided too. And if not, they will probably cool down and be back.
I know it won’t work because people will still sign up for the survivor’s club, they will still continue to spend they will still provide scopely with funds, because of how competitive everyone is.
If people say they are going to stop ■■■■■■■■ then others will spend so to gain an edge over them. Those who said they would will then spend so they don’t lose their edge.
The survivor’s club will have lots of sign ups because again, why would you let others gain a albeit small advantage over you?
I’ve seen the exact same protests said in game after game and the companies never did anything about it because it never really cause them any inconvenience.
I’m not saying what has happened is right on scopelys part. Not at all. Not by a long shot.
But empty threats and protests won’t create the solution we feel we deserve.
Come up with a solution, take it to a person who will listen, JB? And see if we can get our voices heard that way.


When have they ever listened to the players

To be honest the game is closer to dying than ever. 6* with lead and specialist. What next 7* toons. 5* weapons? Just to keep spender a little longer.

They won’t listen to what we have to say. But they will start acting when people close their pockets on a larger scale. That happened once already and has stirred up a lot of shizzle. So I wouldn’t say, this cannot happen again.

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thats a good idea but the point of that is, many are thinking of going purely because

A. They spend hundreds of their currency for a carl revive then see someone 4 weeks later get it for $1.

B. Lost confidence on purchasing items because it doesnt get you anywhere, just leads to having to spend more

this is whats wrong, the multiple errors on releasing items too fast for a quick buck not caring for the end/long term problems it causes

anyone and everyone in beta can vouch, there are problems with the beta updates, they give notes, tell scopely, it comes out live EXACTLY as it was in beta, its just incompetence

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Has anyone checked the research part of their Armory. There is research for breaking down Epic weapons. That tells us 5* weapons are on their way. Most likely to be locked behind the pay wall as well. Hope you have crafted the best weapons you could they will soon be as valuable as your 5* toons.

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They’ve been on the way since the armoury came out, then


Im sure they have planned it since it came out.