Players have the same attack/defense team for almost 8 months


Dear scopely
We have this big issue , the issue of variety of choices for attack and defense teams
It’s been around a year since 6* release , and we still use almost the same defense
This makes the game really boring , we asked over and over and over for you to make more 5* ascendable , and make them reachable for all players but it looks like you don’t care (that’s my opinion)
We lost the fun of raid (all we see is Erica , Mira ,Carl )
I hope this will change soon , cause players started to quite the game insanely lately 15 peoples of top 20 in my region quite the game in less than 2 months .


I started seeing Dante teams more often recently, so it’s some change. But yeah, seeing the same teams over and over is boring. Wars used to be much funnier in the 5*s era. As long as scopely doesn’t start releasing legacy toons as they promised, we cannot be expecting the current situation to change.


actually … Blue Lee, Yellow Javier and Green Eugene are good def leader !!
Yellow Rick and Red Lucas are good offensive leader !!

Try it !!


The problem is, once you’ve put good mods on a defense team, if you want to try something new it takes a week’s worth of scrap to move them around.


Yellow rick is good for offense. But the rest u named are ehh


@LadyGeek knows what us up! The inability to move mods freely and only need scrap for leveling is the biggest screw up Scopely has dumped on its players ever. Totally mismanaged mods.


But wait for one of those sweet 20% off sales. Shave an entire day off right there. :wink:

Seriously SCRAP the cost to remove mods. Pun absolutely intended.



So move 2x what you would have. See, you feel better now. :rofl:


Ofcourse that’s what happens when it takes about 1.5 months for a new legacy 6* which will most likely be a meh one.


I’m not so sure I agree with the original premise. I just hopped in game to look and of the first dozen or so I saw in my raid search, there were less than half Carls or Ericas and only a single Mira. I also saw a couple Lees and Wanderers, a green Eugene, Vincent, Garrett, and a Dante.

Now unfortunately the majority of them have the same handful of combinations of double revive/double shields behind them, but the lead pool is drastically growing.


5 star era? You mean 4 Andrea and command dale?


I can’t speak for anyone else. My team has changed a lot in the last 8 months. Back in Jan, it used to be a T2 Yumiko and a bunch of 5 stars. Now I have enough 6 stars, I have a melee team, a green-blue Euguene team and 80% of a range team (okay that one is a work in progress, it could still use say… a 6 star Andrea).

I also have a 8 ascendables that are just waiting for medals. That plus the low number of 6 star trainers are the 2 biggest bottleneck for me. If I got a bunch of new ascendables, at this pace I wouldn’t be able to max them out for a year.


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