Players more like Whales first

So we had Red Romonav released as part of the promises checklist… And the community was extremely vocal with our displeasure about everything to do with him from stats all the way to his weapon. He goes unchanged.

Your promise was players first? And yet when you released Jessie Anderson into the 6* tower before her promo … The player base was more or less split on her but mostly a lot voiced their opinion she was underwhelming.

So what do you do… You take her down and put her back in to the tower with drastic increases to her A/S and AR. You preached how yall need to do better … That you wanted to create a players first attitude. Well you sure have a funny way of showing this…

So far its players first 0 and whales/scopleys pockets 1

And this is not a shot at the whales. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely this is exactly why you have the amount of whales behind #PlayersUnited bc of stunts like this.

The whales are tired of this blatant disrespect. Romonav is a decap and the 1st gen 2 red decap whos a much needed single shot AR - plenty of whales would of loved to have a spot for this toon on their roster.

When you say players first it should mean ALL players … Regardless of how divided we may seem at times make no mistake about it - you need every single player to play this game … Whales, f2p and all those in between.

So the fact you take down a promo toon to buff it but wont do it for f2p is a joke. The fact youll take f2p toons and nerf em (wanderer) for being too strong but wont do it to promos is complete and utter

And this 4 yr anniversary event … Smfh … Shame on you all at Scopley. Yall cant be serious right now.


and wanderer isnt the first f2p toon yall have nerfed … I still remember 1st release of SR jesus was supposed to be a revive all AR lol which properly was nerfed but still bet if he was a promo that wouldnt happen … Or maybe it would but only after yall made bank on that toon like Blue Michonne lol

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Hardly whales first, much closer to #scopelyfirst .




Very good statement. Agree 100% and I’m sure I’m not alone. Say you cant do something then bam ya do it fir this jessie. You said same about getting into accounts in the past. Everyone remember the andrea they took from our roster and replaced with a do over? Said that also wasn’t possible and did it. Just quit the lies fix the game and listen to the players like you said you would. Not everything said is legitimate for changing but toon released like rom and leon as example should have been better and you say it’s not possible and do it in a matter of maybe minutes?


Its hand in hand … Catering to whales bc its caters to their pockets… Not taking shots at whales.

Did you ever find the shiva admins?


Its so funny i know… Must be nice to have friends who enjoy searching the internet to find cocks to photoshop all day #winners … get a life thats more than lame social cliques on line app and put the booze down. Smh


I wouldn’t know, I’m not a shiva admin, hows your lawsuit?

Dunno, sober for a bit, enjoying my aa chip =)

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It’s scopely first, they do NOT care about us. That’s why I’ve been done spending for ages


Scopely does care about us as long as we give them money

Ok proved me wrong, they care for the credit care numbers players provide. Which is why I refuse to spend anymore on this busted a$$ game.


He was altered before anyone could collect him. Not really the same thing as the wanderer alteration.


It’s always been money first. And probably it’ll never change.

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Lol leave him alone, its the only thing he has, also have to be careful he might call his big bad clique to beat us up :rofl:


Worst part is these people are adults. lol…


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