Players counsel

Really curious to see how many people they’ve selected, how many people have heard back? Feel free to comment if you’re in it…unless the first rule of players counsel is that you don’t talk about players counsel…:joy:



Ive heard whispers and there is a nondisclosure that was sent to those selected In regards to what they yalk about, but not sure if it entails admitting theyre in players council. How many is unknown and unknown of they can come out and say theyre in it. But im guessing more will be known next week from what i have heard.


I am guessing they will not be able to say they are in the player counsel, and that they will be be shot north korea style if they say anything.


I had a pretty good idea that they’d not be able to say anything, but figured I’d post anyway. Lol

Why? Whats the point of it then? If we can’t discuss with the counsel/council what changes we’d like to see, then how are they voice of the community?

What exactly could they disclose that scopely would need them to hide?


Honestly, I can see both sides of the argument.

If they are released, it will become a 24-7 job of getting messages with ideas and complaints…

On the other hand, how are we sure it’s even going on or working. Tough one.


can u imagine a job here dealing with complaints Rick

u be jumping without a parachute day 1

I mean it wouldn’t even be a “job” :joy::joy::joy:. Not getting paid anything haha. I suppose they will keep them confidential so the players don’t get “harassed” with requests.

Although I’m sure the names will eventually leak out.

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Worst part is, chances are, the players counsel will get the blame on forums, not scopely.

I think people sometimes forget who the “enemy” is here when they start going back and forth about things on the forums.:man_shrugging:t3:


agreed…its the most toxic place to be

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Ill never blame the counsel, this is ridiculous and will always be scopelys fault.
I generally dont even blame gr or jb, and they do get paid lol


Non disclosure doesn’t work for me.

blame the whales…its seems to be right

Completely accurate, now if there were more people that saw the reality of this! Lol

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This is what i see on the forums all the time :joy:

I blame Scopely. I promised my faction I would give until end of next month. Nothing will change. I give up.

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i told my guys to read this…its a joke in here and has no real bearing…as 90% of players dont use this

Scopely won’t listen. Look at what they did during the United movement. They made promises and haven’t fulfilled Any but 1. They are hoping everyone will forget. We need to STOP SPENDING MONEY. THEN THEY WILL DO SOMETHING AMD CARE. WE MEAN NOTHING TO THEM. WAKE UP. SHIT THEM DOWN.


I’ve not forgotten and not spent a dime, I won’t be any time soon at the rate things are going.