Players Council

Is this still a thing☹️


Nope, as far as i know, they have been silenced completely or its not a thing anymore. For a “group of players that are supposed to represent the community” i see no one on PC i can speak to, to be represented and at this point now, i consider PC to be a joke.


I hope ppl don’t see your comment as hating etc, but as the honest truth.

Just remember tho it’s Scopelys Players Council, not the Player’s Players Council


It’s still a thing but a bunch quit are that article so who knows how effective it still is. If they were serious about it, they would have replaced the players who stepped out of the Pc.


Maybe get some new members

Think twas as effective as Zhu’s rush now it’s like blue Shane’s rush after sep26th…

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Some here have what i call “goldfish memory” and wont be able to remember that i have stood up against the trolls and haters of PC. What i say is the truth and it is what i thought when it was announced, a joke, a ploy, a shield for scopely, etc. We had the @ForumAdmin tell us to give feedback to PC but yet not one PC member comes here to get feedback and idk who i can message. Its not hate toward people on PC as i know they want a better game and all but PC is just a joke, if they werent silenced and i could tag one of them and say “hey can you bring this to scopely or could you ask for this, etc” then ok but atm PC is a rumor for all i know.


Hmm again yet another wake up call for Scopes, one has to ask themselves why they quit🤗

Dude ur preaching to the choir. I just know when u say something about the PC that may seem I any light to be negative, ppl jump on it like sjw, instead of trying to understand what you are saying, seeing it as constructive and the truth cos your right, everything about PC has been unclear, in my mind elitist, inconsistent with no representations of all customers spectrum and a real lack of communication.

But it’s the same when some ppl comment saying why is everyone complaining or stop complaining, seeing that it’s not feedback and just customers on a platform expressing how the feel about a product they have invested alot of time in.

Scopleys PC has failed. It’s like a war a country should never be in, however we support the troops.

Scopely should never expect customers to feedback customers responses, they, Scopely should employ more ppl to engage, collect data and feed back customer feedback.

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They collect lots of data, have a look on site settings :wink: mine was almost 7gb and i use programs to clean my cache, history, etc each week and this was just cleaned, logging in and they take more than a gb which is more than the game itself takes!

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Lol personal data probably… never knew it took so much without knowledge

Have a look and clear it and you will gain a lot of space back lol but so far its when logging in with an account it auto stores 1gb, not logged in the data doesnt get stored

I’m on the PC. Yet, my inbox doesn’t have messages from you or any players wanting to give feedback. There’s other posts on here that LG and other members have asked for feedback to be met with trolls or people who just want to argue things about how PC has no power and blahblah blah. So, if you have feedback that you want to give, you can send them to me, on here, or line.


brucey boy can you give any feed back if there will ever be a 6* gear map as the struggle is real now especially with the amount of gear needed for sclass toons the league store doesnt fulfil the need anymore

That’s been a major talking point seeing as S class sucks any gear you may have obtained over the past year. We’ve asked about this and this is something they are looking to implement.

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Ok discuss this
The gap between f2p and p2p and get a answer
How to stop cheating
How to actully get answers on follow up questions
The stupidty in customer support
Why force around like a bunch of idiotic sheeps in war events
That you cant complete events as f2p as you could before

cheers brucey, before its never been an issue always had enough league tokens and always stocked up on gear but now pffft it doesnt even scratch the surface. I appreciate your response

You can always bump a thread…

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Like i get answers then

I recently obtained Pete from keys and it killed my 500k league tokens that I saved up and that’s for 1 S class toon basically. It’s very scarce right now for t3-t4 gear.