Players council!

If you players on the council who are definitely not trolls, could suggest a elena roadmap so I could complete this definitely not useless mission to get definitely not useless gear to play this definitely not useless roadmap for the definitely not useless toon… that would be great!


I think the better suggestion is to not make missions like this that average non whale players can actually participate in. A few of these missions were only for the elite spenders or people in factions with elite spenders.


I could do with trainers stacking to please

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Nobody in my region had elena cuz shes garbage

Lmao. Elena is anything but garbage. Shes perfect right along side Raulito and jiafeng.


It’s pretty obvious that currently spending players are the only ones Scopely cares about imo. Now that wave 1 pits top facs together in crw, along with the hundreds of other sacrificial facs to allow the top facs to rest in between fighting each other, Scopely don’t even need to pretend to care about others.


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