Players Council ... where are you

We have established you dont know what inside jokes are. Buzz off and put on your big boy pants

i see i am correct here :slightly_smiling_face:


Look kiddo, any populous movement (something the majority support) you need to be suspicious of. What company’s do is infiltrate and manipulate these movements to their own benefit. Players council is an example of them using something that should help the players and may have had good intentions, then scopely turned them into another tentacle of their machine. U really need to understand how the world works lol… this is about making scopely money it will never ever be about anything else. Love ya

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Actually i was speaking out long before PU started. I was a mild spender and got fed up. But even though some still spend enough are starting to make a stand. Too late? Maybe. But so what? At least we are trying to something. If all else fails, eventually there will only be a handful of people playing and Scopely decides the milk has run dry.


This I suspect as well. Why no openess on Scopely’s part.

Oh trust…
We all have suspicions…
Its why I suggested you hush goku.
You speak of things you know nothing about.
And it only brings focus to those complaining…

I don’t think we should know who is in the council as they will get backlash.

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So if you agree with my suspicions how am I speaking about things I know nothing of? Seems I’m on point if anything and really cant you agree to disagree? Tell me hush see how well tht goes. Honestly I’m a little more entrenched than you may think . As for keeping council private you do understand that makes scopely have complete control over the “players council” renders it redundant.

I’d be willing to bet 90% of purported players council coin load anyway

Of course it does and that is also why some is asking questions about said council.

And by the way - Council wasn’t a PU idea. That one is purely on Scopely but they sure like to make it look as if it is :wink:


No. I do not agree with you.
But you are not picking up what I am putting down.

Oh. Nahhhhh ya dinnit
You went there lol wth

Well I was confident they were sun setting the game and intentionally driving away players all this time. I truly believed no company this big could be this incompetent. I’m not sure at this point what’s going on. Let’s talk facts since you guys like them so much. Show is over, Comics are over… game is tanking drastically. Writing on the wall. I am not trying to be so negative to all the pu peeps. I just not gonna pat you on the back and thank you for mission accomplished and the 1200 coins lol. Now I’m saying the movement got hijacked and you just wanna tell me off. Dont care who likes me this is all pretty clear cut stuff.

Side note, can we have accounts dead from troll bans back since now it would have just been a 3 day suspension… asking for a friend =p

I don’t think mission is accomplished - far far from it. I think the basic update was a baby step in the right direction (as this is still the only thing that has gone live so I won’t comment on rest of the response from S).

And I don’t sit here and clap in my hands nor do I feel that the game is in a safe zone. Honestly I don’t get them at all these days. I switch between sun setting to deliberately trying to force old players out and focus on new money.

But basically I’m just in limbo right now when it comes to Scopley intentions. I just refuse to give up yet - might be naive yes - but as long as I do something I do something you know…

And it would be much easier to have a genuine conversation with you if you stopped putting all of us in the same box. I know I haven’t been exactly positive about their actions and I haven’t hidden that fact anywhere :blush:


U can keep trying but u won’t beat Scopely for troll of the year. They have that in the bag

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Lol. I wanted to just say lol but it won’t let me.

Excuse me but you are saying the exact point of my post which you argued with

I’ll only speak for myself. I never asked for a pat on the back. I only asked not to be insulted for trying to help.

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I was trying to be polite…
But those in glass houses shouldnt throw coins…er stones.