Players Council ... where are you

One member of the council should at least be a developer, that way we can address balancing issues between toons rather than just f2p vs p2p.

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The council is like tinkerbell; they only exist as long as we believe they do

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Give me a few hours…
I’ll get fingerprints and a urine sample

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You do that. Lol. But how would that prove they are on the fabled council. I maintain that Scopely does not want to change this game for the better. Council or no, I want action, not a study group to be ignored. Scopely needs to prove they want to improve the game. Period.

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I really cant bemoan enough how silly the whole naive players United thing is. Way too little too late and they barely lasted a weekend then get bought off with a few new wheels and a boost to their egos with this silly “council” that has no pull or as we see even an identity lol. I think you guys should study psychology and propaganda. If nothing else scopelys public relations are genius. Shut u guys down so quick and nothing but more of the same already. Indignation after indignation and now we just laugh dont even get upset when everything they do is bugged or delayed , reversed or tanked. My point is all your whining did nothing, PU, and they bought u off with a free gift to ur ego. Thanks for giving me lots to joke about in event chats tho. :heart:

How are we even supposed to believe such a group exists when there’s not any proof nor any positive consequence in game changes ?

Seriously this looks, more than anything else, like a ‘blah blah, we’ve heard you …’

Another lie.

Best team ever :heart:

I agree… Action is needed
And scopely is demonstrating that they are more about giving an appearance of action rather than correcting things.

To be fair, I asked about the council last week and was told that more info including the blog would happen this week.

But… :woman_shrugging:


Such irony here


They are just hoping we are so fixated on this bogus S class and even worse Arena that we forget all about this.

I’m sure it will work, but only due to retirements.


Instead of Ya you said Ja. I’m a child.

What Council before? Why do you think ftp on the council is being ignored? I don’t even know who is on this council.

What are you talking about? Scopely didn’t buy me, I’m still not spending. More insulting, Scopely didn’t even try to buy me.

I continue to not understand these negative anti-pu posts. PlayersUnited hurt no one, and will hopefully help. If you think you can improve the game better, then by all means go ahead.



Time to hush…cuz ur speaking out of your drunk derriere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Noone affiliated with the core of #pu spoke down on anyone.
Lots run their mouths against #pu tho.

Noone can police or control if folks get new toons and do pulls…and none of us want to.
Ofc there are people who are using the hashtag inappropriately…but… We focus on our commitments.

There are many #pu players and still many who are top players…so…what u on about??

Noone has forced anyone to join
And you are certainly welcome to continue to “play your game”

Now…tick a lock :shushing_face:


Folks get auto hid if they talk about certain words

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I don’t care if you spend or not. It’s an individual choice. I don’t spend anymore … I don’t know why that irritates you so much. If you can help change the game for the good of others, again, I encourage you to do so. Or is insulting those that try your only play?


It’s a lost cause. The writings on the wall I’m just going down with the ship watching. My problem is it took u guys this long to get fed up none of this is new. So now after 3 or 4 waves of retirements people open their eyes lol. Sorry I can’t help but mock, and probably the fact most the players I despise use the silly hashtag left a bad taste in my mouth. Good luck and enjoy the ride

Rinse and spit :woman_shrugging:

What did you do that was productive or positive towards anything? What did you do before PU to fix anything? A genuine question. But it doesn’t matter because I already know the answer. Because I help people, but I’ve always seen you being toxic. Your opinion is nil to me, you’re just looking for some attention.


This is exactly the divisive condescension I speak of. Why on earth would anyone want this pompous person representing them? Why even ask the question if you dont want the response? You dont know a thing about me but what I allow u to think. Glad u have a good memory tho.

he is just asking questions of you that you will not answer and you just say insults to people trying to make the game better with the actions they can take :man_shrugging: