Players Council ... where are you

Unfortunately no, I’m very bitter about it lol

You turn raggamuffin on us!?

I am not surprised at all by this news.

What’s a better word, I’ll change it. It’s either nonexistent or hidden from me anyway

The rejection mails havnt been mailed yet so maybe all can jloin.

Lol. I legally don’t know WHAT you’re on about!

I’m afraid only GR can give us the proper word :slight_smile:

The proper word for this company is either a deafening silence or lip service. I had hope, my mistake, but that is all but gone now. Scopely should use the phrase from Capitol One commercials as their tag line. " Whats in your Wallet?"

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I agree. It’s wrong to call it a hidden council. Without knowing who is on it, how do we know that there is even a council at all?


Why not just call it the Illuminati. No one knows if it really exists and if so who is involved.


How is a hidden counsel any different from how it was before?

At the very least we should receive a regular report on the counsel’s current view of the game. The F2p counsel members are being ignored, the gap is widening! The only way for veteran f2p to improve are grinding for these rings


I think Molly is right…
If it was designed as a group of folks who can represent concerns from the playing community, then it should be made more transparent.

Otherwise… Call it a focus group for Scopely ideas.



why do they not just have a spokesperson or maybe 2 for the council and have a new forum account made for communication it will be easy to know if they are real players of the game or not


What player council? Does any of us know someone who said he is in? None, not a single soul, and trust me, we would have heard at least a roumor :japanese_goblin:


Good suggestion, Kook, but Scopely does not like communication and transparency. Won’t happen.

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Not true.
A couple folks have come forward and said they are members

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Was not aware of that.

Proof? People have been saying that for a while.

I believe we were told that Player Council would be active last week but there has been no communication on it at all. For all we know it doesn’t exist so that makes the point, what good is it? We have a secret council that reads forum posts? Or their factions needs? How isolated are some of these council members, will they know the growing concerns of the majority? Question after question because we don’t have any communication.

This is a joke how they’re treating us and these things. They have an entire community here telling them what they need to do with their game to satisfy players and improve the games quality and we aren’t being unreasonable. They’re losing reliable and loyal players of all categories every day, they could actually just try to pretend they care by communication but they can’t even do that. Think about it, we have to fight for communication from game developers on their game, not only fight for it but beg for it, how ridiculous is that as loyal players who are passionate about your game? They don’t deserve us.



An unknown players Council have zero accountability with the gaming community.

For all I know it could be just one more hidden group of people in some “secret non existent” Alpha build. Focused at VIP clients maybe?

No Scopely wouldn’t do that - would they @GR.Scopely?