Players Council ... where are you

Scopely, please provide information on who is on the Players Council, how they were selected, the best avenue for the players to communicate with their representatives on this council (and vice versa), the level of authority the council will have, how the reps will be allowed to provide information to the community, etc.

A hidden and/or invisible Council is not an effective means of player representation, it is merely another focus group to be easily disregarded.




This to me is the biggest sign that they don’t care about feedback and aren’t taking this part seriously. Shame.


It is ridiculous that we don’t know who is representing us. If they want to keep them from being able to talk about their plans for upcoming toons and events that’s fine. But how the hell are we suppose to get our concerns addressed if we have no communication with them. If they even exist that is


It’s wrong to call it a hidden council. Scopely themselves haven’t even said it’s hidden. Your move

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Make believe


Just making a statement that any hidden council allegedly representing those they are hidden from is not effective.


A council hidden from those they are supposed to be representing means there is in fact no representation.


Council could be in here right now , pretending to be one of us…wait a minute I saw this play out in a similar fashion maybe forty years ago.

So there was this base in Alaska I think, some dudes discovered a space ship and then a bunch of stuff happened, somebody got tied up, somebody took the tags off of everybody’s underwear and it ended with two guys staring at each other over a fire. spoilers it was an origin story, scopely was born that night



the Council is on line

Is that so? Where?

You on this council

I heard Albert is in the council, to draft more letters.


Yes, we are legion, and focusing on putting out this players united flame so players can start purchasing more collection items for s class toons


They maybe didn’t call it hidden.


We already have Players Council…

In our minds…

Ja I agree but I think all of us assuming that the council is hidden is saving Scopely the job of giving us a proper answer

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its on line i dont need tell you more as am in it sending dick memes