Players council request, my saviours

So I’ve all but quit your silly, always flawed game besides for making faction and running wars. Has been this way since well before the Michelle event with zero motivation to do anything besides war. Now in my new region we have a member obsessed with territories and the benefits to maximize game experience… so he is always asking for help and literally every time I try the game just crashes. It’s not occasional its constant. It makes it so hard to engage with my peoples or help at all. So maybe you can address as well as rather or not previously unopened 1 year regions will be open for transfers and when, besides announcing you will announce it in 2 weeks lol. Also maybe can someone mention to our glorious council that you got lucky needs to be reset so og players see it more than once a month. We all know not to do scavenger missions now but it doesnt help after the fact. Also censorship… who on earth asked for tht nonsense it’s a guessing game trying to have a conversation with facmates. The outlandish unnecessary censoring can be very frustrating and is just a feature no one wants. We just accept the fact we all paid a ton to compete in toc, 8 regions got cut off the list, rewards were not slightly better and so on and so on. Wars dont start on time and half the game cant even que. Just when is enough enough can you guys do anything proper maybe another event like with Michelle and an attack lead for the poor? Anyway fix territories and stop adding garbage no one asked for (hordes)

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