Players Council FAQ

Q. Does the Players Council even exist?
Yes! The PC does exist!

Q. Why hasn’t Scopely announced who is on the PC?
Scopely has left it in the Council’s hands to decide whether to announce themselves, when to announce, and how to announce. There is no official announcement planned from Scopely. Individual Players Council members may choose to disclose or not disclose their participation.

Q. What has the PC done so far?
We’re still in the early stages. Players have been selected and invited. A chat room has been set up. Introductions among the players have been done, tape measures have been brought out and put away, and we’re still establishing how we’re going to work together.

Q. What happens next?
We’re looking forward to a kick-off with the team we’ll be working with at Scopely. I expect it to be pretty simple - introductions, level-set expectations, choose an initial focal point, and set up the next session.

Q. When will we hear more?
I expect other PC members will be announcing soon! In fact, several have announced to their own factions and at least one has been very open on Line about being on the PC.

Q. How do I give my feedback to the PC?
Different PC members may have different approaches. I’ve been pretty open about being easy to get a hold of for a few years - I’m pretty sure you can google my email address or Line ID by now. But, just to reiterate, you can reach me here on the forums, in Line LadyGeek.TWD , in Discord LadyGeek#6160 , via email Please be patient for a response :slight_smile:


how many players are in this group of the council


Is it really impossible for Scopely to answer the questions the community have asked?


I haven’t counted, I’ve heard a target of 15.


Seems responsible to let the reps respond to the community as they see fit. Yall asked for them to come forward, there you go.


Scopely’s really just trying to protect the PC members from any backlash by giving us the opportunity to remain anonymous.

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Most the questions don’t require anyone to be identified and Scopely still has not responded.

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While I appreciate your post, nothing has changed. The player community still as a whole knows nothing about the council, nothing about the selection process, nothing about the composition of the council, etc. Scopely cannot even be bothered to answer forum posts on the matter even after we were referred to the forums to discuss playersunited and players council.

At this point, it seems obvious that something is off. Why else is Scopley staying silent on this matter while responding to other areas? Is it because of the council isn’t balanced, is it because the council was still being selected yesterday, is it because they don’t want anyone to know that recommendations are ignored, etc. I don’t know why they refuse to answer even to say they aren’t going to answer, but i know that it’s not acceptable.


@LadyGeek can you provide some information of the statistics of the council. Years of experience in game, number of selected, investment into the game, overall rankings in their region.

I respect keeping the group private but would be good to have an idea of the whole. Kind of like what is each person brining to the council. Are all parties represented including new players.


Are there other posts I missed? I only see the one.

Ok, I can understand the backlash worry, but if the council is not being listened to like the forum, the backlash would be on Scopely. Scopely is running out of time to make some real changes thst don’t involve a paywall.

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So you’re in it?


She are the council

Cool story
Maybe start by telling them to fix arenas if its not to much work for a Thursday


This is completely unacceptable on any terms of us having representation from people who we can ultimately trust

15 people is all that you have an estimate of when we should be having possibly more than that because of the amount of people play this game throughout the entire world.

This is a set up for failure.


There needs to be a thread with what the council brings up and what Scopely’s response is. Lets put the responsibility where it belongs, on Scopely.

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All I keep seeing is “We need to know who’s on the council!” “We need to know who is representing us!” Seeing that more than actual important game related questions and concerns.


So today is out rage is them not letting us know who every member of the player counselors? The way some of the people actively swarms I wouldn’t want people to know it was me either. Y’all complain about them trying to do right and then try to do wrong How about you see how it pans out before the fake rage starts. I mean really it starts to get to the point of ridiculous.


Oh boy. Here come all the ladygeek haters about the bash that she’s on the council.


I guess ill kick it off… Im one of the Player’s Council members. The Players Council is a nice mix and none of the Scopley “fans” as most were worried about. The past couple days weve just been getting adjusted to each other and all that stuff that comes when people join to maje change.

I know a few others on the council are similar to me - as many players in the game can attest… We have our enemies, our friends and those in between. Not all of us get along in council and yet we are there to work on a common goal: make this game the best it can be for everyone.

So whether you dont like me or dont like one of the other members, let the in game stuff go - players council is definitely players that will speak up for the player base and save the hate for in game theatrics.

Anyways my email is or find me on line at jboogie102