Players actually still try to ask scopley for answers in this forum?

I’m just curious why people still try to ask that their questions be answered in this forum, lol? We should all know by now scopley avoids answering players/survivors/ opportunists, questions like it’s the plague, so why even bother with this forum?


I think because some people have access to sources of information that like me don’t

How bad is it that a none official chat is the best way to get information? Why is updates not posted here? Why is there no Dev Tracker showing only posts by developers and CMs so we can track down what they have replied to officially in questions or announcements? This is ran very poorly, the worst I have seen although I’m sure there might be worse out there.

There should be a pinned Dev Tracker post that qoutes all official replies from developers and CMs so we can quickly jump on and forums, go to it and find answers to questions like where is my avatar I fought 8 weeks for? This official forums of the game is used last for communication, that is unacceptable and we expect a lot better for the amount of effort we put in, I want to see the same amount of effort from you CMs.



Error 404 this blog website can not be reached

We have no other channel

I’m curious as to where else you think we should be asking? It’s not like support are ever remotely helpful.

I did ask support once and got a reply…“we dont disclose and you will have to wait and see”…

Why not just stop asking? Maybe track down Chuck Norris or Danny Trejo ask them to get the answers you are looking for from Scopley

Officially you are correct… In the same way this game is a free to play experience for all.

Unofficially, you are way off. This game is designed only for those who want to ante up. So a dedicated CM for those dedicated actual players … is about right.

Officially is stupid that no info is ingame.
People outswide of the community dont get any info what so ever

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People ju st do not get…sometimesi don’t get it too

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