Player xp levels

Post your 150 and after rewards for everyone else everyone will be super grateful


Why? Everyone is going to level up anyway

there people spam 300+ world cans to get to max level…

would be nice know what rewards are for new 50 levels…
And not everyone does that and takes forever to level up.

This would be useful

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So, trash

coins are okay wonder if s class item boxes are in last 20


How did you gain 4 levels already lol

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blowing cans on 25/8 with xp areas at 12k a run

Bravo gracias por la información

No additions to world energy? Although I did notice the recharge timer has dropped from 5:06 to 5:02 at level 150. Anyone else notice their recharge rate decrease as well

think that was every 4 levels?

why would someone make rush burn cans to reach level 200 and then keep crying for increase in player leven when we all know scopley will take ages to increase player lvl again so how about just use normal energies and enjoy the moment😃


You do you and I will do me :+1::sweat_smile:

That’s ALOT of cans. How many?

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