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question my training ground is not finish wath happen if i transfer to another region the progress will continue or will be lost ?

I should still be there

i hope they continue cause i need to wait like 1 year to finish the training

Training grounds will transfer intact, but build as big of a buffer as you can in case you get caught in a reset loop after transfer and have to wait for a fix.

2x 1150 days here in legendary training ground.

sorry my english is not very good and can’t understand you i mean if i transfer did this on the image will be saved to the new region or i will lost this ?

p.s. i can’t collect him cause my capacity is full

It will be transferred exactly as it is, you gonna have the same amount of trainers cooking and time in the new region as it is now.


You’re fine. I was trying to warn you that if your training grounds will stall in a few hours, you should stack it higher.

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