Player that can't raid, war or even look at teams

My wife has been playing since December 2016 in the same faction as myself, she has reached out to support numerous times to have them fix the problem, she cannot raid, war, look at any of her teams, do roadmaps and is stuck strictly with nothing left to do but level up for the last two weeks and has missed out not only on rewards, but also the free toons from the roadmap. It’s getting to the point where she is about ready to retire. @JB.Scopely she has sent support every bit of possible info, yet still has no end in sight for when they will resolve her issue and has suffered greatly with no compensation or even a solution to her problem.


wow what has she even been doing for over 2 years in the game then? must have been a snooze fest.

Pro tip: Quit. Obviously their support is garbage. Over 2 years and still no solution.


Oh. What is the error?

It is strange but I suggest you may check the available memory. It looks like it is not a bug (Or a very critical bug that it is not very possible). Or it may due to a damage memory chips.

I also suggest she can switch a device to test it.


Her phone is only 4 months old and has 2/3 free memory space, cleared cache and cookies and phone has never been dropped, ran all updates. Like I said before, she was able to do all actions fine up until two Fridays ago, than everything started crashing and kicks her out of the game.

Just playing level ups is just the regular basis of all RTS players
Keep on surviving


They really did turn it into the walking dead: road to level up for her. It was a joke, before they actually did this to players now. :confused:

Can you take a video or something? It sounds like your wife is playing a totally different game lol

Don’t know what there would be to put on a video, I sit right on the couch next to her after I get out of work, pretty much everything kicks her out, outside of leveling toons, she’s even dropped out of platinum leagues because of this issue.

What you can put on the video is like, if you click to raid, and the game restarts or something. Or you go to the roadmap section, and nothing appears.

Saying that you can’t raid, war, do roadmaps or anything isn’t exactly descriptive.

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Yeah, the game constantly kicks her back to the restart screen, everything is an endless restart screen outside of leveling up.

Has she tried redownloading the game? Restarting her phone? Her issue seems very exclusive to just her which means it could likely be a device problem.

She’s tried all of that 3 times now…

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Have she tried playing her account on a different device?

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Someone from my faction got the same problem. He is not able to play the game for 2 weeks now too.

Is this what married life is like these days? Communicating via in game chat? Restricted to like 400 characters?

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Yeah, I am sitting on probably the same problem for two weeks now. Support has not helped me yet.
This also only happens on my main region. Already tried out different devices to no avail.

Game crashes while doing specific things within the game (accessing supply depot, building teams, entering inventory…)

I am hearing of more and more people with the same problem.

What devices are you all using there might be a commonality. If it’s a new device maybe not compatible with something ? Idk sounds like it’s not just 1 person but not a huge number so may be something that’s common amongst you all

It’s not a device problem. Like I said, I myself tested different devices already and for some reason this bug is only happening on my main region.
Since Scopely hasn’t done anything to help so far, I already thought about doing a random region transfer to see if I can remove this bug by myself.
Of course, I have no idea if this will work, but time flys by and I am not able to participate in any tournaments like this. I might be forced to give it a shot.

This is another one of those issues where a video would make perfect sense…

Put me in the list of the afflicted and I can say it is not device based since I can play normally in more than 3 other regions but have been locked up in my Choctaw region game. Level ups (without Scavenger missions since they also trigger the crash) and SR are the only options. I have to watch my league standing slipping away with no raiding or warring available. The time frame is same also, what did they do on that Friday?