Player targeting

I have noticed this is getting a lot worse lately but as I do raids and SR I will have a toon targeted and use a rush or attack and it goes after a random other toon. This is very terrible as I have to use a control team setup to win most raids with the current meta, but its hard to control when the targetting doesn’t work.


This is part of a change made in early May.

They’ve tweaked it since then, but yes, the AI is tougher than it was three months ago. If you need help with teams, there’s a Line group you can get in to get some help. I highly recommend using friendly duels in your faction to practice and try different team combinations. Shields on attack are extremely helpful, if you have one.

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No I am saying here if I have a player selected to target, (without stun, taunt, confuse ect applied on attacking toon) they still attack someone else.


Whoops, sorry, completely read that wrong. Video would be helpful, any chance you can capture this for me?

Yeah I can try next time I do some raids, also I am beta so could just be a beta issue?

Thanks for bringing that up. I’ll look for someone not in beta to confirm as well.

I’ve had the same happen to me can be frustrating

Just saying. I have noticed my phone screen is sensitive enough if my finger is close enough it will count as a touch and deselect my target even if i did not touch it. Is your incident deselecting where you have to reset your target?


It’s happened to me a handful of times as well. very annoying, especially when lots of these battles depend on almost everything going right on your side


My issue with targeting is that negan that kills you without even touching him


I’ve also had this happen to me several times over the past few weeks. Never happened before then

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I brought this same sorta issue up weeks ago as well

Yeah Ive noticed this, more so against walkers when a toon will attack one behind barriers when there were plenty of others to hit. Also during this sr on auto a toon used its ar 1st round the same way which made no sense.

Been happening to me since the AI first got updated. The main time I notice it is when there is a shield on the defense, but alice has focused everyone. It will hit the shield even though another toon is targeted. It’s so inconsistent when it actually happens though that I can’t catch it on video unless I just record all the time I’m playing.

It actually just fully doesn’t work in FA anymore

I had the same issue until I realized that it’s because I’m using a character that Alice recently revived. That revived person doesn’t get focused while everyone else does.

Thread here: Focus and Decap Sandy Bug

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